Review Tebak Lagu Tanpa Nada: A Unique Song Guessing Game from Indonesian Developer

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Try guessing the title of some songs through the lyrics only….. and an English or Japanese accented AI.

There are a lot of lyric guessing games in the Play Store. But there are few that guess based on lyrics without tone. This is what Mirai Mimpi brings to the table with its newest mobile game: Tebak Lagu Tanpa Nada.

Tebak Lagu Tanpa Nada is a song name guessing game. You type a song name based on the lyrics you hear. But what’s unique is that you do not hear the song with its tone, rather you only hear lyrics pronounced by an AI.

What’s also unique is that there are 3 different levels of different AI language. To be precise, there are 3 levels: easy, normal, and hard. In easy mode, your AI will speak in Indonesian accent. In normal, it will speak in English accent and in hard mode, it will use the Japanese accent.

It does not translate the lyrics to English or Japanese, rather the AI will force themselves to speak the Indonesian lyrics. This is what makes the game interesting and also challenging.

We personally spent some time playing the game. Since most of us are not local music enthusiasts, we had a hard time in guessing what the song’s name was. In easy mode, we sometimes had to Google the title of the song by searching through its lyrics.

We also tried the normal and hard mode. As of now, we have not scored a single point (guessed right) because we feel it is too weird. How do you force English and Japanese accented AI to speak Indonesian lyrics?

The game definitely brings some nostalgic moments because the theme of the songs as of now is 2000’s songs. Each period, Mirai Mimpi claims that they will shuffle the themes of the song so players don’t get bored.

Have you played Tebak Lagu Tanpa Nada? What do you think of the game? Can you score a point in normal and hard mode? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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