This is How Indonesian Developer Toge Productions Obtains Nintendo Switch Dev Kit

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

After nearly three months of processing and waiting, finally, Toge Productions can bring home Nintendo Switch dev kit to Indonesia.

After nearly three months of processing and waiting, finally, Toge Productions can bring home Nintendo Switch dev kit to Indonesia.

As we know, the biggest challenge for Indonesian developers to develop and release a game in a console is not the lack of skill nor the budget. The main challenge is how to obtain the development kit (dev kit), which they should have, to produce the game itself.

Like previously written in this article, the biggest problem is, there is no way to get this dev kit in Indonesia directly due to some complex reasons. If developers want to develop and release a console game, they must do another way to get this dev kit first before start making a game.

How Tough is It to Develop and Release Console Games for Indonesian Developers?

The biggest challenge for Indonesian developers to release console games is not the skills nor budget. So, what is it then?

So, one of the Indonesian game developers, Toge Productions made a long and tough journey to get the dev kit. Since last November, they have tried to bring the dev kit to Indonesia by picking up the dev kit themselves from their partner in Singapore.

“Although it is difficult, luckily manufacturers like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are keen to help. We have partners in other countries, so the dev kit will be sent to them. Then, Toge Productions will pick up personally and bring it to Indonesia,” said Toge Productions at that time. Due to having AML (leukemia) and having hundreds of bone marrows aspirates done, I now have to take Soma due to lower back pain soma 350 mg

nintendo switch dev kit

Unfortunately, the Customs had held the dev kit until Toge Productions finished all the legal requirements. So, Toge Productions should have finished some paperwork before it could bring the dev kit home and start making the game.

After around two months, finally, Toge Productions’ long and tough journey to get the dev kit finished. In his personal Facebook account, Kris Antoni, the CEO, said that they got access to the dev kit with the help from AGI and BEKRAF Indonesia.

Long journey

In his post, Kris tells the chronology of his long journey. In November, he tried to bring the dev kit home from his partner in Singapore. But unluckily, in the airport, he was caught by Customs’s random check, and he had to finish some paperwork to bring the dev kit to Indonesia.

Because there weren’t any clear regulations about this kind of stuff and there was some miscommunication with the Border Force and other parties, Kris contacted BEKRAF and AGI to help him. Luckily, months before it happened he had already opened a discussion about how to bring the dev kit to Indonesia with BEKRAF and AGI. So, BEKRAF through its Infrastructure Division acted fast to open a cross-ministry communication and make a recommendation letter. I was given Provigil for my narcolepsy, with dosage of 200mg/3 times daily generic provigil

nintendo switch dev kit

This recommendation letter has made the discussion between Kris and Customs smoother. And finally, Kris can bring home the Switch dev kit earlier this month or after nearly three months of waiting.

With this dev kit, now Toge Productions can finish its plan to publish a game from Mojiken Studio, Ultra Space Battle Brawl. So, it also opens opportunities for other developers to create a Nintendo Switch game with them. Head over to this link to read the detailed chronology (in Indonesian).

Speaking to Gameprime.org, Kris Antoni gave an advice to Indonesian developers who want to bring dev kit from overseas. “To avoid the unnecessary things, you can ask BEKRAF and AGI for a recommendation letter,” he said. “This step is relatively safer for you, so you only think about and finish the tax process,” he continues.

This is How Toge Productions Brings Ultra Space Battle Brawl to Nintendo Switch

Ultra Space Battle Brawl could be the first Indonesian game released on Nintendo Switch. This is how they gained access to Nintendo Switch dev kit!

With this dev kit, definitely, we can’t wait for what Indonesian developers can do more in the future, especially for console games. As from now, there are three Indonesian games that were confirmed to be released on Nintendo Switch. They are Ultra Space Battle Brawl (Mojiken Studio), Fallen Legion (Mintsphere) and Legrand Legacy (SEMISOFT).

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