Yamisok Launches a New Platform and Initiatives to Support Indonesia’s eSports Industry Growth

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Ranging from platform, media, to eSports team, here are some initiatives from Yamisok to support Indonesia’s eSports scene.

Ranging from platform, media, to eSports team, here are some initiatives from Yamisok to support Indonesia’s eSports scene.

Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world with more than 250 millions people. That makes Indonesia also one of the biggest markets for the game industry, both in Southeast Asia and the world. According to Newzoo’s 2017 survey, Indonesia has more than 43,7 million gamers, with estimation US$1,2 billion revenue from games.

This huge market encourages some game companies, either new or well-established, to support its growth. One of them is PT. Yamisok Tech Indonesia, that has already announced some innovations and platforms to support eSports industry’s growth.

The plan was announced when it was conducting a Gala Dinner in Jakarta last January. This event was attended by many game industry’s stakeholders, ranging from game developers, publishers, to media and influencers. So, what is Yamisok’s plan for Indonesia in the near future?


First, they introduce a new eSports platform in that accommodates all of the gamers’ need. has many features to support their activity, such as social media for gamers, gaming community page, tournament arrangement, market, and leaderboard system.

This platform not only caters for gamers but also for other stakeholders such as event organizers, game developers, gaming vendors, product branding, etc. They can use the platform to conduct an eSports tournament, game announcement, or to communicate with each other.

Second, they also introduce a new gaming website called Esports.ID that was built specifically to give updates about eSports scene, both local and international. Besides news, reviews, tips, and tricks, this site also has some features to support Indonesia’s eSports scene such as match’s live score.


Then, Yamisok also launches a gaming lounge arena called High Grounds. High Grounds integrates premium gaming lounge, restaurant, coffee shop, bar, and tournament arena into one place, so that makes it the first of its kind in Indonesia. You can read more about High Grounds through this link.

A publisher and an event organizer

The last two of its business are YamiPlay and Yamisok for Event. YamiPlay is a gaming publisher that focuses on publishing eSport games. Yamisok also states that YamiPlay will also encourage the local game developers to create eSports games. Then, Yamisok for Event is a professional event organizer who is ready to hold eSports tournament, both online or offline.


XCN Gaming

Indonesian Legendary eSports Team XCN Gaming Reborn with Support from Yamisok

XCN Gaming is back! Now with support from Yamisok, they once again aim to be one of the best eSports organizations in Indonesia! Who are they, and in what game will they compete?

Besides announcing the initiatives for Indonesia’s game industry, Yamisok also announced that it gives support to one of Indonesia’s legendary eSports team Executioner or XCN Gaming. Currently, XCN has four division: Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, CrossFire and Mobile Legends.  

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