Twitch is Still the Biggest Streaming Platform, But Youtube Gaming is Getting There


It is the start of 2018 and gaming industry looks more promising, especially in the streaming category. A well known Streaming service, Streamlabs released data regarding the increase of streamers in all big platforms, including Twitch, Youtube Gaming, Mixer, Facebook Live, and also Periscope.

It’s not a bad time if you want to start a gaming channel that focuses on streaming. Streamlabs announced their Q4 (October – December) 2017 report that shows growth of streamers in each platform. It also has other data regarding gaming live streams that can be beneficial for some.

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One of the big highlights of this report was that Youtube made a big step forward. The company owned by Google saw a whopping 343% growth in monthly active streamers for the year.  Although its progress is huge, Youtube comes as the second biggest stream platform after Twitch.

Twitch saw a 197% increase for the year and it does not seem like it’s slowing down.

Not only these two giants, Facebook and Microsoft Mixer are also seeing a rise in monthly active users. Facebook saw a 62% increase in streamers whereas Microsoft mixer saw a rise of 58%.

Youtube Gaming

According to Streamlabs, in terms of tipping, streamers are making money. Tipping volume grew 25 percent in 2017 and doubled that from 2016. Streamlabs processed over $26M in Q4, making the yearly total $101M as we predicted in Q2.

Tipping, of course, is only one way of streamers making money. They also offer subscriptions. Youtube Gaming implemented this feature last September, which might be one of the reasons they are getting more monthly active users.

Youtube Gaming

Streamers will get more ways in terms of money which will make them more eager to stream and that will attract more viewers. Streamlabs also predicted what will happen in 2018 which we will cover in a different article.

But for now, let us know what you think of the growth that Youtube Gaming and also other platforms is having right now. Do you think that Youtube Gaming will surpass Twitch? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Streamlabs. Edited by Devi