Indonesian Developed Game Azure Saga: Pathfinder Set to Release Soon!

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Azure Saga: Pathfinder is one of the most anticipated Indonesian games this year. Here is why!

Azure Saga: Pathfinder, one of the most anticipated Indonesian games, is finally revealing its release date. The game developed by Bandung developer MassHive Media is predicted to drop on Steam soon!

MassHive media released an official statement regarding when Azure Saga: Pathfinder will release. The game is listed as “Coming Soon” in Steam with no timetable. But, we predicted this isometric-style RPG will drop sometime this month.

MassHive media also prepares some DLC for this game that you can download after you buy the base game. This DLCs also has no release date, but surely it will be available after the base game released.

And what exactly is this game about? Why are the Gameprime.org team so excited for the game? First introduced during Popcon Asia 2016, MassHive Media announced that they are developing an RPG that combines western style and eastern style of gameplay.

The game, which was previously designed for iOS and Android, eventually made their way to Steam for PC platform. It is a turn-based isometric game with fantasy elements surrounding the universe. There are a lot of objects that can interact with the main character.

Azure Saga: Pathfinder

The turn-based system allows players to use skill, use items, and also put up a defense at the same time. Each character skill can be combined to become a greater and more powerful skill. The developers also stated that there will be a feature called “Jewel System” which will replace the equipment system we mostly find in RPGs.

The graphics of this game is also something that should be praised. It looks fresh and clean, especially from an Indonesian developer. As for pricing, we have also no information just yet but we predict the price to be around US$10.

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So, what do you think of the game? Are you willing to play? You can visit the game’s official website for more info and also stay tuned for more updates on Azure Saga: Pathfinder on Gameprime.org.

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