Azure Saga: Pathfinder Review: Perfect Combination of Western and Japanese RPG!

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

When we mean perfect combination, we really mean it. Read our review here.

Masshive Media, a developer from Bandung, Indonesia, debuted its first Steam game just yesterday. It released an adventure RPG called Azure Saga: Pathfinder. And it debuted with style! The Gameprime.org team played the game for a couple of hours. Here is our in-depth Azure Saga: Pathfinder review.

About the Game

Our Azure Saga: Pathfinder review starts off with a brief explanation of the game itself. It is an isometric adventure RPG polished with 2D illustrations and a great storyline. Being an adventure game, there are a lot of things to accomplish and explore throughout the game.

It also has a unique style of combat as well as ways of developing your characters in the future. Since our team loves adventure RPGs, we were really excited to review the game. A little spoiler: the game did not disappoint us at all!


The story focuses on Synch, a character that is the son of the Head Scientist of N.E.B.U.L.A colony. He and his robotic comrade, Noide, were on a ship that got stranded in an unknown world. Both will encounter other characters and that’s where the adventure begins.

Synch and Noide are both finding a way to repair their ships so that they can immediately return to their homes. but, you will deal with monsters such as hollows, insects, and also a pack of wolves that appear to slow you down.

Putting the basic storyline aside, what we like from the game is how exciting and mysterious the story is. We really want to know what’s next—what characters we will find next, what environment and what monsters we will see. Even in the very first scene -the prologue- we were deeply sucked into the game.


As far as we have played, we personally love how Masshive Media created each and every one of its characters. Starting with Synch, the main character himself. We fell in love with Synch the first time he appeared in the prologue. Not literally falling in love, but we really liked how he is designed. Especially when we realized what type of weapon he used to fight (a very cool looking sword).

Not only Synch, the rest of the characters also seemed to be polished really well, starting from the color it represents, as well as their combat characteristic and not to mention their background story.

Each character that players will encounter can be played on your team and will have different characteristics starting from tribe, class, abilities, and also stats.

Say for instance Medeina, she is a Black Shaman from Ivry’s tribe. She does not have high primary stats such as Synch or Noide, but she has the ability to communicate with ancestor’s spirit and also do black magic.


Combat is another aspect of the game that deserves a praise. It has a unique system that many RPGs do not have. It’s a little complex, but that’s where the fun lies.

It’s a turn-based style combat where you enter a formation (front, middle, and back) for your team and take turns attacking each other. Each turn you can use various types of attacks and defense. The main point is that you need to be smarter than the AI.

You have your original attack button, which is pretty much self-explanatory. This is each character’s basic attack. The more damage will be dealt when your character has a high attack stat. This attack does not require mana.

You also have skills attack. This attack allows you to chose which skill you want your character to use. Each skill requires mana and you will have to level up your character in order to gain more skills.

But the fun part and the unique part of Azure Saga: Pathfinder is its United Skills feature. It combines three skills from your team to one ultra-powerful skill that can damage your opponents, heal team, and take advantage of the situation.

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