Azure Saga: Pathfinder Review: Perfect Combination of Western and Japanese RPG!

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

When we mean perfect combination, we really mean it. Read our review here.


The graphics of the game is the way we like it to be. It’s not as high end as Final Fantasy XV or The Witcher 3. It can be run by low-end hardware specs but at the same time gives us a warm, vibrant, and clear graphics.

We didn’t expect the game to be this good from the graphics perspective, but in fact, the graphics were one of the aspects we consider to be the focal point of the game itself.


One thing that we found very exciting is exploring the map. Yes, exploring maps has never been this exciting. There is a feature where you can see a bar of percentages showing you how many percents of the map you have discovered.

Although we were curious about what lies next in the story, we made sure that we discovered each map that we came across.

Also, there is an interactive feature where you can interact with not just AI, but also with the environment (literally) itself. You can move woods, open a gate and many other things that make the map not just “a map”.


Azure Saga: Pathfinder Review

If you love playing adventure RPG, rich stories, simplistic yet clean graphics, this is the game to play. Every second you play the game, you will be curious about what lies next. You will also be challenged to create the best team composition and also unlock all the United Skills you can find.

Masshive Media did a good job in polishing Azure Saga: Pathfinder. Its debut game for Steam deserves an appreciation and for that reason, this is the perfect combination of western and Japanese RPG elements. To find more info about the game, you can find it on their official website or fan page.

What do you think of our Azure Saga: Pathfinder review? Will you play the game?

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