This is How BEKRAF and AGI Help Indonesian Game Dev to Expand Their Business Through Game Connection America 2018

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

BEKRAF and AGI believe that Game Connection America (GCA) 2018 will give a bigger impact and benefit for the Indonesian game ecosystem.

Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (BEKRAF) Indonesia and Indonesia Game Association (Asosiasi Game Indonesia, AGI) continue to support Indonesian game developers through some of their initiatives. Now, through Archipelageek, they give support to eight Indonesian game developers and publishers to exhibit their creation in Game Connection America 2018 (GCA 2018).

GCA 2018 is a game industry event labeled with “The Deal Making Event“. Game Connection is the international event where more than 2,700 developers, publishers, distributors and service providers come to find new partners and/or (in the case of service providers) find new clients. GCA 2018 itself will be held in San Francisco, March 19 to 21, 2018.

The eight Indonesian game industry’s developers and publishers who will exhibit at this event are:

  1. Assemblr, a content creation platform that uses Augmented Reality (AR) and geolocation technology.
  2. Semisoft, a Bandung-based game developer that recently released Legrand Legacy for PC.
  3. Lentera Nusantara, a Bandung-based game developer that is currently developing a 2D side-scrolling game called Ghost Parade.
  4. Megaxus Infotech, one of the top Indonesian game publishers that offers mobile game publishing/co-publishing opportunity.
  5. Tinker, a Bandung-based developer that has some in development state games such as Cookies Cafe and Pale Blue.
  6. Agate, one of the biggest Indonesian game developers and is also based in Bandung. They will offer some mobile games to release in the global market, and also search some international games to localize and publish in Southeast Asia market.
  7. Lyto, one of the most successful game publishers and has been already established for 15 years. Now, Lyto has more than 20 million users in its two portals, Lytogame (for the PC game) and Lytomobi (for the mobile game).
  8. Gudang Voucher, one of the pioneers in the online game voucher business in Indonesia since 2003.

“BEKRAF is committed to continuing the market development for game developers in the global market, and one of our efforts is to bring the game developers to exhibit in Game Connection America 2018,” said BEKRAF’s Marketing Deputy Joshua Puji Mulia according to the official statement.

“By focusing first on the business to business (B2B), this will be a great foundation for the industry to grow faster in the future,” said AGI’s Deputy of Network Access and Capital Cipto Adiguno.

Why choose GCA 2018?

gca 2018 archipelageek

In his personal blog, AGI’s Managing Director Adam Ardisasmita wrote his opinion about why AGI chooses GCA 2018 as the event that the developers should participate.

“At the end of 2017, AGI and BEKRAF communicate intensively to discuss what kind of support that the local game industry needs from government,” wrote Adam. “After considering some factor, AGI give opinions about what event that will give the better result for the industry. There are Game Developer Conference to upgrade the talent, GCA 2018 for the B2B deal-making, and then Gamescom or Chinajoy that is labeled as the best B2C event,” he continued.

“From that choices, we choose one that we think will give great benefit to the Indonesian game ecosystem right now. So that, we choose to participate in GCA,” he ended.

In GCA 2018, BEKRAF and AGI give some facility for the developers, such as space to exhibit their game, booth construction, and also marketing effort.

The curation process

BEKRAF and AGI have already opened the call for all Indonesian developers who want to get this great opportunity since January 2018. After that, they will do some curation process to select the top 8 developers who can finally get this opportunity.

First, the curator team did the administration curation. The candidate must fulfill these three requirements: incorporated, more than half of the share owned by the locals, and willing to give the financial report to BEKRAF and AGI for the evaluation process.

After getting the shortlisted candidate, the next step is the interview process. In this phase, the developers should answer a series of question from BEKRAF and AGI. Mostly, they are asked about what will they seek in GCA and how about the business potential. This two-step curation process then gives a result: eight studios who are worthy to exhibit in GCA 2018.

Indonesian Game Developers to Participate in Game Connection America 2018

Some Indonesian developers will participate in Game Connection America 2018 (GCA 2018) next March through Archipelageek supported by BEKRAF and AGI.

“I wish this event can give a great benefit and bigger impact on the local game industry,” Adam said. “Then, I also wish there will be more initiatives from BEKRAF and AGI in the future that will give a benefit for the local game industry,” he ended.

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