BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 Date Confirmed, Indie Showcase Registration is Now Open!

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

For any Indonesian indie game developer, register yourself to participate in this year’s event for free!

The biggest game industry event in Indonesia, BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 has confirmed its date. Now, they also open the registration for Indonesian indie game developers.

Last year, BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 marks a new history for Indonesian game industry. The three-day game conference and exhibition has attracted more than 13,000 attendees from across Indonesia and Southeast Asia. That makes BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 not only Indonesia’s biggest game industry event, but also one of the top class game industry event in Southeast Asia.

This year, Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (BEKRAF) will also collaborate with IDEA Network and Indonesian Game Association (AGI) to make BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 even bigger and better. BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 will be held in three days and divided into one Business Day on July 13th in Ayana Midplaza Hotel, and two Public Days (July 14th and 15th) in Balai Kartini Expo Hall, Jakarta.

bekraf game prime 2018

On its Business Day, BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 will gather all of Indonesian and international game industry’s stakeholders to share their knowledge and build a network for future collaboration. In Business Day, there will be sessions by local and international experts covering variety of topics.

bekraf game prime 2018

On Public Day, thousands of gamers will gather and play all day long in hundreds of booth available on site. Some local company will showcase their latest products, and around 50 Indonesian indie game developer will share their latest projects. Visitors will be entertained not only by games, but they can also enjoy VR experience, Board Game, Toys, Cosplay performance, Artist Alley, eSports competition, and many more entertainment.

As part of its tradition, every year BEKRAF Game Prime will give Game Prime Awards to some of the best Indonesian game developers who already made a big hit in one year round. This will be a form of appreciation for them, so they can help the industry to accelerate faster in the coming years.

bekraf game prime 2018

This year’s event theme “Gaming: Evolved” is a representation of the fast-evolution of gaming industry trend in the world. A survey from AppAnnie and Newzoo states that Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and eSports are the future of the game industry. BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 aims to be a benchmark for Indonesian and Southeast Asia game industry, helps them to compete and dominate the global market.

“Indonesia has a huge market and it will be such a pity if we do nothing to optimize it,” said Monica Kansy, Chief of Event and Community Officer of IDEA Network. “Basically, we have short and long-term goals. In short terms, we aim Game Prime to be a perfect platform for developers to showcase their products and improve their skills. As for the long term, we aim to change people’s mainstream mindset,” she added.

“We want to prove that games are not always bad. In fact, gamification might be very close to our life in the future. For instance, games can make education more fun and easier to be learned by students. Some companies also have used games to introduce their company policies to their employees. Who knows what else games have in store in the future?” she continued.

Indie game developer registration is now open!

bekraf game prime 2018

Indie game showcase is one of the main highlights of BEKRAF Game Prime 2018. This area aims to be a great place for Indonesian game developer to show their latest project, get a better media exposure, and get direct feedback from users.

The registration of BEKRAF Game Prime 2018’s Indie game showcase is now open. Every Indonesian game developers can submit their game and later will be curated to get the top 50. These top 50 will get a free booth to exhibit their game in two Public Days. If you are Indonesian indie game developers and interested to join us, you can register your game through the link below.

Indie game registration: Online form

After you register your studio, you can read more about tips on how to maximize a game event or convention through the article below.

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Marketing and press release surely are a must. But one thing that we should not forget is to attend some game event or convention.

See you at BEKRAF Game Prime 2018!

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