Dragon Nest Mobile Will Be Available on SEA Including Indonesia!

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Will it be successful in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia?

One of popular MMORPGs Dragon Nest will arrive on the mobile platform for South East Asia (SEA) including Indonesia. The game will be called Dragon Nest Mobile.

One of the most anticipated mobile games Dragon Nest Mobile will finally be available for SEA region, but it is not that fast. After digging for information on the game, there are a couple of things that we want to point out regarding the game itself.

But first, if you do not know what Dragon Nest is, it is one the most played MMORPGs in Indonesia (no MMORPG beats Ragnarok Online though). Just like its original PC game, you will wonder about finishing quests and slaying monsters.

There are six classes in Dragon Nest Mobile SEA. You have your traditional melee tank class: Warrior, healing class: Cleric, long-range physical damage class: Archer, long-range magic dealer: Sorceress, builder: Academic, and lastly the cheeky Assassin.

As of now (just like other pre-released games in Indonesia), the game is searching for players to join Open Beta. The game offers various in-game rewards which include valuable items for your journey or even some nice clothing for your characters.

All you have to do is simply link your Facebook account and like their page. You also have to register your mobile phone number. Don’t forget to chose which platform your smartphone runs; Android or iOS.

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After that, you can claim your prize of 40,000 gold and an animal costume for seven days. But what’s really sad is that you will need to wait until May 31 until you can redeem your rewards, according to the game’s official website.

Dragon Nest Mobile

This also connects to when the official release of the game will be. As of now, we have not found an official date of when the game will be released for Open Beta. But we predict that since the register rewards can be redeemed late May, the game will be available early June.

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What do you think of the Dragon Nest Mobile for SEA? Will you play it?

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