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Facebook Instant Games Portal is Now Officially Available for Developers

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Facebook Instant Games Portal officially ends its closed beta program. Will you try it?

Facebook Instant Games Portal has officially ended its closed beta period. It is now available for all developers to gain an audience through this feature. Will it be something worth trying for developers?

Facebook Instant Games Portal is a new way for the Facebook audience to play games. It is powered by HTML5 technology and allows people to find and play games directly in their News Feed or messenger conversations.

This means that users do not have to download and install any apps to play the games. They also do not need Flash or any third party plugins to run them. Users can access these games through a controller icon on both the News Feed and the Messenger. What’s more interesting is that it is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.

Since the release of closed beta at the end of 2016, nearly 200 games were submitted by talented developers. Now, since it is open for all, other developers are encouraged to try it out.

Why not? Developers can monetize these games by using the Facebook Ads feature, including video interstitials. In addition, Facebook is also testing a feature that helps monetize the game. That feature is in-app purchases.

Facebook Instant Games Portal

Facebook wants other developers to continue the success of Basketball FRVR which is a game developed by Studi FRVR. The game has been a hit on Facebook and has been played more than 4.2 billion times.

This is not the first time Facebook is trying to par in with the gaming industry. Ten years ago, Facebook let developers such as Zygna to create games for their platform. One of their games was Farmville which quickly became a hit and also contributed a lot of in-game purchases.

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It's obvious that Twitch and Youtube are the two most popular channels for streaming games. But Facebook apparently also wants to be a part of it. On January 27, Facebook introduced Facebook Gaming Creator Program.

Will Facebook be able to encourage developers to try their newest feature? Yes, but will they stick long? You will need to see it for yourselves. We recommend you to try by becoming a Facebook developer via this link.

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