Fantasy Story 2048 Review: A Cute and More Complex Variation of 2048

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

The hero system and village management make this game more addictive than others sliding block puzzle games.

An indie game developer from Yogyakarta, Niji Games tried to create a variation of the 2048-style puzzle with Fantasy Story. Is it addictive?

Sliding-block is one of the most popular game mechanics in the puzzle genre. The main objective of this kind of gameplay is to match two tiles with the same number to create a bigger number.

Made famous by some titles like 2048 and Threes, some developers have tried to make the variations, such as monster evolution where you must combine two same monsters to create a bigger monster. Now, Niji Games from Yogyakarta took up the challenge and made a game called Fantasy Story for Android. What is this game about?

2048 with variations

fantasy story 2048 review

When you start to play the game, you will be introduced to a series of tutorial about this game. The same as 2048 or Threes, in this game you should match two tiles with the same number to multiply it. To match the tile, you can swipe the tile to the left, right, up and down. Every time you slide, there will be a new tile appear.

You will get a task at each level to create several tiles with a specific number. So you should accomplish it before you run out of movements. If you can get some combo, you will get special tiles which can multiply several tile’s numbers instantly, both horizontally or vertically (or maybe both).

One thing that makes this game interesting is the hero system. You can collect hero and use their skill to make your job easier. Each hero has an active and passive skill which also can multiply the golds that you earn after finishing each level. And also, you can equip a weapon and armor to strengthen them.

Simulation gameplay as a side mission

fantasy story 2048 review

Tired of solving the puzzle? Fantasy Story also offers a village management gameplay where you can develop and decorate your village. Every building gives a benefit along with your playthrough, such as giving some golds every some minute or allowing you to craft some equipment. This is a nice addition that makes this game less boring and will encourage you to play the puzzle more to collect the blueprint and the building material.

Lastly, there is a gacha element (in form of treasure chest) that you can use to get a new material or equipment randomly. To open the chest, you should get the ticket first, or simply you can use the diamond, which is the premium currency of this game.

Cute graphics, rich gameplay

fantasy story 2048 review

The game offers a cute graphics that surely fits all ages. But we think, this kind of graphic will attract female gamers more than males. Niji Games tries to keep its iconic cute graphic that was proved successful in Cute Munchies.

Fantasy Story is a solid puzzle game with newbie-friendly control. The village element surely is a great addition to the boring and usual sliding block games. But we think the tutorial takes too much time. Even you already played more than 15 minutes and reached level 5, you will get a new tutorial to learn another aspect of this game. Maybe this is the consequence of the rich gameplay elements, so the game takes more time to explain each of them.

Fantasy Story 2048 is available on Android, and you can download the game from the widget below.

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