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Amazon Debuts GameOn, a Cross-Platform Competitive Gaming Service For Developers

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Will Amazon GameOn become a new trend in the game industry?

Ever since the acquisition of Twitch in 2014, Amazon has been expanding their gaming presence. In Game Developer Conference 2018, they announced a new gaming service called GameOn. What is this service like and how will it benefit developers?

GameOn is a feature that will let developers integrate competitions natively into PC, mobile and console games built on Amazon’s massive AWS cloud infrastructure. Additionally, it will allow companies to offer more in-game prizes or even real-world prizes that will be delivered by Amazon itself.

For developers, this feature will really help in terms of bringing more players into action, driving engagement and increasing monetization of your games.

This can be done by adding leaderboards, leagues, and multi-round competitions to your games. Or you can also strengthen your fanbase by allowing players and streamers to create their own user-generated competitions.

Amazon’s launching the service with several partners such as nWay, Game Insight, Millennial Esports’ Eden Games, Umbrella Games, Nazara, Mindstorm, Mokuni, Avix and GameCloud Studios. Beach Buggy Racing 2 and Doodle Jump will be two upcoming games to start giving away Amazon prizes using GameOn.

For Indonesian developers, you might also wonder how you will utilize the real-life award feature from Amazon since there is no Amazon in Indonesia. As of now, Amazon has confirmed that Physical prizes are limited to the US region. But do not worry, the in-game prizes are also already something worth considering as a developer.


Lastly, developers can use the APIs for free until May 1st, and the first 35,000 plays per month will be free for a limited time. If you want to start registering, you can do so by heading into Amazon Developers website.

You will need to register an account if you do not have one and follow the next procedure given. So, as a developer, do you think this new feature by Amazon will be useful? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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