Ghostbusters World, The Next Augmented Reality Game for Mobile

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Will it strive just like Pokemon Go?

The prediction of AR games going mainstream in 2018 seems to be true. A new game called Ghostbusters World is coming to the market this year.

Ghostbusters World is a game adapted from a famous comic, movie, and television franchise Ghostbusters. But now, the franchise will try to make itself to the mobile gaming market, with AR (Augmented Reality) as their technology.

Movie franchise that uses AR on mobile games to promote can also be seen on various names. Spider-Man: Homecoming and Marjorie are some of the examples. The Ghostbusters game will be available later this year on Android and iOS platform.

The developers behind this game is a South Korean publisher, FourThirtyThree (4:33) and partner studio, NextAge. They are working with Sony Pictures Entertainment and also Ghost Corp to make this game happen in real life.

Just like its original story, you will play as a Ghostbuster team by finding and capturing ghosts that wander about. Since it is an AR game, you will have to discover in the ghosts in the real world.

However, since Ghostbuster is not a very popular franchise compared to superhero franchise such as Marvel or DC Comics, we predict that this game will not be as a hit as Pokemon GO when it’s first released.

But, we predict that these type or AR games for mobile will keep coming. As mentioned in our previous article, a lot of companies are investing in AR (although not entirely on games).

For example, Baidu has invested in AR in order to deliver services in education, healthcare, marketing, and tourism, including a project to recreate historic sites in Beijing and one that is rooted in a 3D interactive map.

Prediction: AR Applications and Games Will Go Mainstream in 2018

The year 2018 will mark a new standard for application technology. Some tech industry's enthusiasts predicted that AR technology will go mainstream in 2018.

This indicates that AR is a subject that many companies are looking forward to in the future. What do you think? Share us your thoughts in the commentary section.

Source: Pocketgamer.Biz, Engadget. Edited by Devi




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