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No More Waiting to Start Playing, Google Introduces Google Play Instant

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Does this feature make Google Play Store one step ahead of iOS App Store?

Google is continuing to improve its mobile gaming platform with a new feature called Google Play Instant. This Google Play’s feature lets players automatically try playing a game without downloading it first. How does this work?

How Google Play Instant works is very simple. All you have to do is go to the Play Store, select a game, and when this feature is applied, you will find a “Try Now” button beside the “Download” button. And… Voila, you will be playing without downloading the game data first.

The example can be shown in the video below:

Google stated in its official blog post that it wants to make discovery easier and remove friction during the installation process. It believes that installing game takes time and can make players unable to experience a game, especially for big file sized games.

Currently, the feature is in closed beta. But Games available instantly today include Clash RoyaleWords with Friends 2, Bubble Witch 3 Saga, and other titles from Playtika, MZ, Jam City, and Hothead Games. You can check the Instant Gameplay Collection via this link.

Google also offers a variety of extensions to developers who want to test this feature. These extensions include a higher APK size limit to 10MB, progressive download support for executable code and game assets, and support for NDK and game engines using existing toolchains.

Google is also working with development platforms such as Unity and Cocos to add IDE support making it easy for developers to build instant apps. So, as a developer, where do I sign up? Don’t worry you can sign up for Google Play Instant right away.

Game Developers Now Can Utilize Google Maps API to Create Their Game World

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What do you think of this new Google feature? Do you think it will revolutionize the world of mobile gaming? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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