Heroes Castle Review: Tactical RPG Enhanced with Castle Building Element

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

A Surabaya-based studio ArtLogic Games recently released a mobile tactical RPG called Heroes Castle. What’s this game about?

A Surabaya-based studio ArtLogic Games recently released a mobile tactical RPG called Heroes Castle. What’s this game about?

ArtLogic Games is one of the most experienced indie game developers from Indonesia. Established in around 2007, ArtLogic Games has released games for multiple platforms, ranging from Flash to mobile. Currently, it tried to attract tactical RPG fans with a new game for Android called Heroes Castle. Is this game as addictive as its other titles such as Epic War series or Monster Age?

Heroes Castle is a tactical RPG enhanced with castle building element. In this game, you can battle in an arena against other players in real time to gain points and climb the leaderboard. Choose your hero, set the formation, and enter the Arena to start gaining points and other resources to strengthen your team.

This game uses a turn-based battle system. In every turn, you get 10 seconds to decide what your hero will do when the battle phase begins. After that, the battle will begin automatically. Just watch the battle running, and wait for the next strategy phase to decide what you will do next.

Every time your hero gets hit by the opponent, the Rage meter will increase. The rage will be used to unleash special skill that will give different impact to the opponent. And also, every skill has a different target each other. There is a skill that only targets opponent in the front row, a skill that targets opponent who has the most HP, and so on.

Every skill also has a specific cooldown time, so it’s better for you to read each skill description to manage your strategy when you face your opponent.

Castle building element

Heroes Castle Review ArtLogic Games

Heroes Castle is not only a usual tactical mobile RPG. This game is enhanced with castle building element that gives significant impact to your progress. You can upgrade every room or build a new one in your castle to give an advantage for your hero or gain the resource faster when you’re offline.

The higher you level your buildings, the better hero you will get. Some hero needs resources to strengthen them and level them up. So, this game also challenges you on how to manage your castle, when you should level up the room, and what is the booster type that you should acquire first to help you in the battle.

Slow pace, no speedup option

Heroes Castle Review ArtLogic Games

Heroes Castle is quite addictive. But we think that the pace is too slow, especially when the battle happens. Unfortunately, ArtLogic Games also doesn’t give an option to speed up the battle phase, or maybe skip them. But ArtLogic Games said that they have a plan to release an updated version in 1 or 2 weeks later. Hope that the option will be available in later in the newest version.

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If you’re curious about this game, you can download it right now from the widget below.




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