Indonesian Players Dominate PES 2018 Tournament in World Electronic Sports Games 2018!

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Congratulations to Batara Riasta and Lucky Ma’arif who successfully got the runner-up and third place, respectively, in the tournament!

Another great news comes from Indonesian players who competed in PES 2018 tournament in World Electronic Sports Games 2018 (WESG 2018). They dominated the tournament and successfully grabbed the runner-up and third place!

Batara Riasta and Lucky Ma’arif from Indonesia participated in WESG 2018 after their solid performance in PES League Asia 2 v 2 in Bangkok. They, along with other six players from China and Japan, competed for the US$8,000 total prize in a single-elimination home away format.

The most interesting thing is, in this tournament, players are not allowed to use the same team with their opponent. And also, players are only allowed to use one of the teams provided once. So, if a player already used Barcelona in the first match, he is not allowed to use the same team again if he wins and plays in the second match.

Solid performance until the final match

wesg 2018 pes 2018 tournament

In the first match, both Batara and Lucky were able to beat their opponent decisively. Batara who used Barcelona could beat the local hero, Hongyu Yan who use Atletico Madrid with 7-2 total aggregate. Then, Lucky, who also faced the local hero Xin Lv can win the tight match with 5-4 total aggregate.

That makes Batara and Lucky came face-to-face in the semifinals. Batara won the match with total aggregate 6-3 and made through the finals to face Karaage from Japan. Lucky, who played in the third-place match finally won against Qi Sun with total aggregate 4-2.

wesg 2018 pes 2018 tournament

In the final match, Batara played two tight matches against Karaage. They got draw result in both of the match, 1-1 when Karaage acted as the home team, and 2-2 when Batara acted as the home team. Because the tournament used the home-away format, finally Karaage won the title with the away goal advantage.

As the tournament winner, Karaage got the champion title and US$5,000 prize. Batara who finished as the runner-up went away with US$2,000 prize, and Lucky in third place got US$1,000 prize.

wesg 2018 pes 2018 tournament

wesg 2018 pes 2018 tournament

Batara Riasta & Lucky Ma’arif

This is the second international achievement that Batara and Lucky got in the first three months of 2018. Previously in January, they also got the runner-up title in PES League Asia 2 v 2 in Bangkok when they played co-operatively.

Two Indonesian PES Players to Compete in World Electronic Sports Games 2018

After grabbing the runner-up title in Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) League Asia 2 vs 2 Tournament 2018 in Thailand, now Batara Riasta and Lucky Ma’arif from Indonesia will compete in World Electronic Sports Games 2018 (WESG 2018)!

Congratulations to Batara & Lucky!




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