Jurassic World Alive: A New AR Game Similar to Pokemon GO

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Will it be the next Pokemon GO?

After Pokemon GO became a huge success, we are seeing more and more Augmented Reality games in the market. One of the newest games is Jurassic World Alive. What’s the game like and will it be the next Pokemon GO?

After seeing the announcement of The Walking Dead AR GameHarry Potter AR Game, and Ghostbusters AR Game, now we are introduced to Jurassic World Alive. It’s a game adapted from the famous movie series Jurassic Park.

The game itself will feature various types of dinosaurs where players can interact and enjoy playing with. Universal Pictures who currently has the rights for Jurassic Park has collaborated with developers Ludia Inc., which is also the developer behind Jurassic World mobile game.

Jurassic World Alive is set to launch for iOS and Android this spring (April-June). But sign-up phase is already open. If you want to pre-register the game, you can do so by going to this link.

The question is, will mobile gamers be attracted to the game just like when they were attracted and get hyped to Pokemon GO? Maybe not at all. The game surely looks really cool with all the dinosaurs seemingly living in the cities of Indonesia.

Pokemon GO is a different story because Pokemon is way more popular here in Indonesia, or maybe in Asia compared to Jurassic Park. And also, Pokemon GO was the first game that introduced AR location-based game combined with a mainstream and popular franchise. So gamers will not get as hyped as when they first got introduced to Pokemon GO around two years ago.

Jurassic World Alive

But, one feature of the game that may well be the “it” factor and can deny our prediction is the drone feature. This drone lets you collect dinosaur DNAs to create hybrid creatures. Although you can use this feature, you still need to walk to certain places to challenge your opponent (somewhat like a gym in Pokemon GO).

Universal plans to release around 100 dinosaurs as its first release of the game. It will also update regularly to tie-in with future movie releases.

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So, tells us, are you considering to download the game and invest your time (and resources) to play?

Source: The Verge, Venture Beat. Edited by Devi




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