PUBG Mobile Review: As Close as Its PC Version

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

How good is PUBG Mobile? Find out in our article.

Tencent recently released PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS. The team tested out the game to see if it was as good as the PC version. Check out our PUBG Mobile review below to see our thoughts.

Before we go on to the PUBG Mobile review, we first want to clarify that our team has not only played the PC version of PUBG, but also its two mobile rivals: Rules of Survival and Garena’s Free Fire Battlegrounds.

We have divided the review into two categories: Pros and Cons of the game:


PUBG Mobile Review

PUBG Mobile is really pleasing to the eye in terms of graphics. Compared to Free Fire Battlegrounds and Rules of Survival, it’s best to say that PUBG Mobile has the best graphics among the three.

The game also reflects the PC version which currently sits at US$20 in Steam. In mobile, you can play for free and players that played previously on their PC will have a good glimpse of what is up.

Whereas players who never had a chance to play the PC version can taste what it’s like playing PUBG.

In terms of gameplay, PUBG offers players an enormous variety of loot. Players who love switching armors, guns, and melee weapon will feel like in heaven when playing PUBG Mobile.


One of the things that we did not like the game was (obviously) the shooting and aiming mechanism. Shooting games are not the best when played on mobile, be it in a small screen or large screen.

We really hoped that PUBG Mobile can give players a unique experience in terms of shooting mechanism. But it looks like until the game can support mouse and keyboard, then we can say something good about this feature.

Lastly, PUBG Mobile (as well as its PC version) does not give players a colorful experience. The graphics are stunning, don’t get us wrong, but it lacks the variety of colors unlike its PC rivals Fortnite or mobile rival Rules of Survival.


It’s no secret that PUBG‘s PC version of the game is a huge success and everyone likes it (proven by Steam’s top games). To say that the mobile version of PUBG is as close as its PC game is something we really meant. It’s like playing a handheld PUBG but for free.

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Have you played PUBG Mobile? Do you think it is the best battle royale game on mobile as of now? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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