My Lovely Daughter Review: A Love Letter for Raising-Simulation Game Fans

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Is the game developed by Tangerang-based GameChanger Studio worth to try? Here’s our review.

Toge Productions has released My Lovely Daughter for PC through Steam. Is this game developed by GameChanger Studio worth to try? Here’s our review.

Another game has been released by Toge Productions, an Indonesian game developer that started its initiative in game publishing since last year. For now, it released a game from GameChanger Studio called My Lovely Daughter. It is a simulation game that tells about a father who tries to revive his late daughter. So, is it worth to try? Here’s a review from Gameprime.org team.


My Lovely Daughter has a dark story and theme. In this game, you portray as Faust who is missing his late daughter. He wants to revive her back. So, with his alchemy skill, he tries to live up his daughter’s soul by “feeding” her using a creature called homunculi.

Faust should craft and raise the homunculi to get the suitable affinity that he can use to revive his daughter. If the homunculi have a good enough affinity, Faust can kill them and feed their souls to his daughter’s soul. The right combination of affinity can bring back his daughter to live normally. If wrong, he still can revive his daughter, but his daughter’s affinity will follow the homunculi that you’ve sacrificed.


my lovely daughter

Now we move on to the gameplay. As a simulation game, the gameplay is quite simple but you should pay attention to every detail. The gameplay follows this pattern: craft homunculi – raise them – bring them to the town to do some job – sacrifice to get their soul – feed their soul to the Faust daughter’s soul.

You will begin as a Faust who lost some of his memories. He can bring his memory back gradually by revealing that book page by page. This book is your important resources because it records all of your progress. And as your game progress, this book can be your secret key to get the “true ending”, which brings back your daughter to life as she is.

my lovely daughter

Although the gameplay pattern is still the same from the beginning to the end, you can expect to face some random event to appear. All of the events will help you to raise your homunculi, and in the end, help you to get the true ending and bring your lovely daughter back. Sometimes you will meet a random person who asks for help with a great item as a reward.

Every homunculus has stats that you should pay attention, ranging from level and the affinity. Your main task is to raise some homunculi with different affinity so you can feed their soul to your daughter’s. You should do trial and error to find the correct affinity combination. In the end, when you killed all of your homunculi, their soul can revive your daughter as usual.

What if the combination isn’t correct? There are some possibilities if you sacrifice homunculi with the wrong combination. First, Faust can’t revive his daughter. Second, his daughter will back to life, but with a strange behavior according to the soul’s affinity. As the game progress, you will one step closer to the right affinity combination that can revive your “true” daughter.

Raise in the right way

my lovely daughter

You can do several tasks to raise your homunculi. You can bring them to town and do some job to increase their affinity (and get some gold also). It’s important to give them a job that matches with their affinity to make them grow faster and give you much money.

Aside from doing the job, you can raise them by giving some gift and talk to them. You should be careful when raising them because if you do something wrong, your homunculi will flee!

A solid wood-cut art style

my lovely daughter

To support its dark theme, we think GameChanger Studio made a great decision to implement a wood-cut art style. This kind of art-style made us experience the game like reading an old journal. Moreover, this is a story-based game, so this art-style makes us enjoy the game more.

On additional notes, this art-style already made My Lovely Daughter get the Best Visual Arts award at SEA Game Awards Level Up KL 2017.

But it’s too short & repetitive

my lovely daughter

One thing that we realize after playing My Lovely Daughter is the playthrough is too short and a lot of repetitive content. This game has a multiple ending, but the only one that can describe as the “true ending”. What is that? You should try it yourself!

The interesting is you can get one “ending” after playing approximately 1 hour. Every ending you get can reveal some facts about your “true” daughter. So in the next iteration, you can revive the “true” one and get the true ending.

For every gamer who loves simulation game, this game is worth to try. With its short duration, this is a perfect game for you to play on the sideline of your daily routine.

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