Update on Boma Naraka Sura Project: Still Needs Additional Time to Finish

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

It’s been two years since the promised release date, and three years since it got funded by Kickstarter. Is there any problem in the development? When will Anantarupa Studios release this game?

After being successfully funded in 2015, there are few updates regarding Boma Naraka Sura, a game developed by Jakarta-based Anantarupa Studios. Is there any problem in the development process? When will it be released for PC?

Boma Naraka Sura is one of the few Indonesian game projects that has been successfully funded from Kickstarter. In one month of its campaign, this game raised US$28,383 in total from around 625 backers. Previously, Anantarupa Studios stated that they will release this game in February 2016. But until February 2018, there is no update from the developer regarding the release date.

What happens with the development process? Will they still continue this project and not abandoned it?

After months of silence, finally, Anantarupa Studios gave an update regarding the development process. This is the first update in 2018, and also the first of the last six month. In the update, they tell their problem in the development process and make a promise to the backer that they still continue to develop this game.

As they wrote in the update page, Anantarupa Studios states that they are now lack of engineers. So, they decided to slow down the development process of the game. To solve this problem, they are now trying to recruit some fitting engineer. It will take some time, so they expect to get back to work within 2 months.

They also released a short video about the gameplay, to make sure that they are still developing this game.

Surely this update gets mix response from the backers. Some of the backers cheer them, some of the other get mad and want to refund. Backers who want to refund might be afraid if Anantarupa Studios abandoned this project like other abandoned Kickstarter projects such as Pale Blue or Winterflame: The Othe Side.

Metroidvania-style with full of legend references

Boma Naraka Sura

As describes in its Kickstarter page, Boma Naraka Sura is a game adapted from a famous legend recorded in ancient Southeast Asian scriptures about a being called Bomasura. In many versions of traditional storytelling, Boma is depicted as a vicious villain.

This game focuses on a girl called Sveta, who, due to an unexpected turn of events, becomes an important part of Boma’s tale. Boma and Sveta both have unfinished matters in the past. The story will unfold each time her memory fragments are collected.

Boma Naraka Sura was inspired by the 2D animation and RPG elements of the globally-acknowledged Castlevania series. Anantarupa Studios adds interesting mechanics and features to enrich the gaming experience. Similar to other action platforms, Sveta will go through levels, defeating monsters as well as bosses.

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Sveta will also be able to upgrade her weapon and skill levels as the journey to collect her memory fragments. She will explores deep within levels, find secret treasures and passages, and discover unique special abilities along the way.

Boma Naraka Sura set to release on PC with no detail on the exact release date because of this problem. We hope that Anantarupa Studios can solve the problem, and can release the game soon.

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