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Can Video Games Teach You to Play Music?

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Professional musicians have something to say about this.

There are a lot of educational games that can increase our knowledge on certain fields. But what about music? Can video games teach you to play music in real life? We try to answer.

To answer the question “Can video games teach you to play music?”, first of all, we need to understand that the majority of video game platform we will be talking about focuses on Android or iOS.

Since the introduction of the touchscreen display, many game developers have created games that focus on certain instrument. Most common in the App Store or PlayStore are piano and drum.

Games such as Piano Maestro has a lot of positive reviews especially from parents who want their child to play music. However, this does not mean that they are guaranteed to be good when switching to the real-life instrument

What do professional musicians say about this? Well, there are two sides: pros and cons.


  • Video games can be good to introduce basic theory of an instrument. Adam Cole, a pianist and also the co-director of Grant Park Academy of the Arts stated that there is a significant learning curve through the game itself. It also motivates the player to love music.
  • John Ivers, head of composition and sound for the social music platform BandLab, stated that video games are great for working on rhythm exercises, music notation and fingering, all critical for playing.
  • Lastly, there’s no need for buying or renting an expensive instrument.


  • Playing music through an app can make someone feel over about themselves. Ethan Whitlow, a freelance musician in College Station, Texas stated that when you are playing music on a gadget, you are not really developing musical skills.
  • No supervision. When you have a professional music trainer by your side, the more likely you will know what mistakes you have made, what progressions you have made, or also what your next step is. Whereas in video games, you are not supervised at all times.
  • Many people will like playing music video games through a gadget, but what will happen if there is no screen? Will they be able to like it the way they like playing on a screen?

How Far Do Music and Sound Affect Players’ Experience in Gaming?

Sound is an inseparable aspect in a game. In here we will discuss the meaning of music and sound in game development and some cool examples.

At the same time, music video games can be good for you, or also can be a challenge when you decide to go to the real instrument. Let’s say that the best way to maximize this is by hiring a professional music teacher and also working hard on improving your musical skills. Whether it be in a real instrument or in front of a touch-screen display.

Source: Offspring.Lifehacker. Edited by Devi




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