What Game Studios Should Microsoft Buy to Improve Its Gaming Quality?

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

EA, Ubisoft, Valve!? Which studios should it buy?

There is no doubt that Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world. Sadly, its achievements in the gaming industry do not compare to its other focuses such as software or tablets. But one thing it could do to improve. That is to buy a gaming studio. The question is, what game studios should Microsoft buy?

We often see Sony acquiring other game studios such as Square Enix, Cellius, or Sucker Punch Productions. Yes, we have also seen Microsoft does this with game studios such as Mojang, Lionhead Studios, or Massive Incorporated.

However, these studios did not produce an output that is considered achieving. If we were Microsoft who has an uncountable money in their bank accounts, we probably would consider buying one of the bigger names. Here we have compiled the list:



What Game Studios Should Microsoft Buy

Ubisoft could be considered as one of the top studios Microsoft should acquire. Other than that Ubisoft has many established franchise such as Assasin’s Creed, The Division, For Honor, and Watch Dogs, Ubisoft also has Ubisoft Store. The store itself is currently better than the existing Microsoft Store.

If Microsoft does acquire Ubisoft, chances are Sony might be in trouble. Ubisoft is known for one of the top gaming publishers now. But that reason is also why Microsoft might have to pay really well to acquire it.



Bungie had previously been acquired by Microsoft, but it has been a decade since Bungie left. However, chances are Microsoft can get a boost in manpower by recruiting Bungie (again). The only reason stopping Bungie from signing with Microsoft is because of a contract it created with Activision.



Lastly but not least, StudioMDHR. Canadian based developer recently went uphill in sales from their game, Cuphead. First of all, Cuphead is exclusive on Microsoft platform such as Xbox One and PC which makes it really promising to form an agreement.

Secondly, StudioMDHR is new in the gaming industry. Microsoft can save a lot of money and also develop the developers from StudioMDHR who are already talented.

So, what game studios should Microsoft buy in your opinion?

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