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It’s Not Just For Fun, Here are 4 Other Benefits of Video Games

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Surprisingly enough, video games can make you more active and more communicative.

Video games can be viewed as something that only wastes time and is a mere entertainment. But, did you know that video games also has its own benefits for their players? We try to break down the benefits of video games through this article.

Everybody loves playing games, whether it be a child or an adult. But does everybody know the benefits of video games? One thing is for sure, it’s not just fun, but also beneficial.


Encourages Persistence

Many people may not realize that games are not just something they play. But it is something that can help them become more persistent.

Through games, players are encouraged to set goals, take challenges, solve problems, and also take risks. Although these are positive benefits, we must also understand that playing too much will decrease the value of these benefits.


Increase Physical Activity

Games can also be a motivation for players to become more active in their everyday life. Sports games, for example, encourages players to step in the real court and play there (although it will be way different from video games).

Other games such as Pokemon GO or Jurrasic World Alive can encourage players to step outside the door and search for Pokemon or dinosaurs. It will increase their physical activities especially for players who do not like sports games.


Helps Socialization

Benefits of Video Games

Games can also help people interact more with others, especially if they play the same games. People can be more active in talking to each other if they have something in common, in this case, they like talking about games they played, how to finish quests and other game-related conversations.


Helps School Curriculum

Lastly, it is proven here in Indonesia, that games can help a school’s curriculum. Say, SMA 1 PSKD for example, they have implemented eSport as their lesson in school for students to study (or play).

This course not only lets students play during class but also offers other lessons. These lessons include economic theory, mathematics, decision making, communication, and others. 40% of the study comes from the teacher whereas 60% come from the students themselves.

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So, what do you think of the benefits of video games? If you feel that this article is helpful, feel free to share to your colleagues, friends, or families.

Source: Education Career News (1), (2). Edited by Devi




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