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Crytek Will Take 5% Royalty from Every Game Made Using CryEngine 5.5

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

If you want to start making a game, maybe you can consider using this powerful engine for free with a royalty-based model after your game reaches the revenue cap.

Crytek has announced the new version of CryEngine, CryEngine 5.5 along with a new royalty-based payment for developers.

Although it’s less popular than its competitor such as Unreal Engine and Unity (especially for Indies), CryEngine is still one of the most powerful game engines. It has powered some of the high-quality games, especially game made by Crytek such as Crysis series and Ryse: Son of Rome.

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Crytek has made some improvement to this engine for the past four years, including to the technology, price, and the subscription model for indies. Back in 2014, they announced a monthly subscription-based model which cost around US$9.90 per month. This decision made after Epic Games announced the same model for Unreal Engine which cost US$19 per month.

Then they changed the system to “pay what you want” model which (as its name suggests) developers can pay however much as they want. Developers can download the engine and use all the feature for free, and pay however much they want in order to support the engine development.

CryEngine 5.5 royalty program

And on the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2018 that was already held last March, Crytek changed the payment model again. In a press release, they announced that now they are implementing a royalty-based model for developers who are using the latest update of CryEngine, CryEngine 5.5.

How much is the royalty? Crytek said that they will take 5% royalty from any games that were built using the engine. But Crytek will take the royalty only after the game’s revenue has passed US$5,000 cap. So, you can start using the engine for free, and pay the royalty after your game passed the revenue cap.

This royalty-based model announced to coincide with the release of CryEngine 5.5. So it only applied to the CryEngine 5.5 users. Users who use the earlier version of the engine can apply for royalty exemptions. But in return, they are not able to upgrade to 5.5 version.

What are the new features in 5.5 version?

Here’s the new feature list according to the Crytek’s official blog:

  • Getting Started Course: Our new beginner’s course shows users with no experience in game development how to create a full game in CRYENGINE in just 10 chapters. 
  • SVOGI Improvements: SVOGI can now run on consoles. We have enabled developers to cache SVOGI on the disk and calculate GI completely offline. This means users can make the most realistic scenes yet. 
  • Terrain System Improvements: New features and enhancements vastly improve the terrain system, including the ability to weight and blend multiple materials, more detailed height maps, and more.
  • Updated Entity Components: New and legacy components are integrated in the new entity system, including rain and water ripple entities. A new VR Camera and interaction component makes getting up and running with VR even easier.
  • C# Upgrades: We have expanded how users can create C# assets directly inside the Asset Browser, with Visual Studio instances, debugging through the IDE, and more.
  • Game Platform Plugins: A brand new Game Platform plugin allows for easy access to common distribution platforms and data transfer protocols. This includes Steamworks and PSN API functions like matchmaking, leaderboards, and achievements.

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