Dragon Nest M Review: Same PC Game Feeling, Simpler Gameplay

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

It’s not an ordinary RPG “Auto Quest” game. Trust us.

After playing the game for quite a while, now we know why many players were waiting for its release. Here is Dragon Nest M review by Gameprime.org.

To be honest, we thought that Dragon Nest M will be the next Lineage II Mobile: unsatisfying, boring story, and too many features that make the game confusing. Rather, it was completely the opposite.

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Here are a couple of highlights that we want to share in our Dragon Nest M review:

Optimized for Mobile

Dragon Nest M Review

Dragon Nest M is adapted from its PC version, Dragon Nest. Unlike its PC version though, the mobile version is optimized.

Unlike Lineage II Mobile where the game is almost the same as its PC version where it doesn’t feel like a mobile game. In other words, it feels forced.

However, the game is based on the PC version and players who have played might be nostalgic with some parts of the mobile game. For example, the skills of each character. Online slots are a victor among the most played redirections in great framed exchange mode and out advance related exchange for distraction out a procedure for talking. In the event that we look at online slot machines free in a standard casino with those of an online casino, the upsides of virtual machines are seen from the most dependable starting stage organize plan.

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Auto Quest What?

Dragon Nest M Review

When playing mobile RPG, players tend to get sick of the “Auto Quest” feature that is common nowadays. Surprisingly, their developers, Shanda, knows how to utilize it.

The feature only appears when our character is finding a way to the NPC (whether it be finishing a quest or claiming a new quest) or to the designated quest location.

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However, this feature is not available in the combat mode and really makes us “play” rather than “simulating”.

Exciting Story

Dragon Nest M Review

Another point that we want to highlight is the story that Dragon Nest M offers which is very entertaining. Cutscenes from almost every stage make the well-polished story for dramatic and wonder what lies ahead.

For example, the very first thing the story gives is a character named Rose that is kidnapped. You will be the one to save her. It almost feels like you are one with the game the very first time you hit the play button.

2.5D +3D Map View

Dragon Nest M Review

Another interesting feature is that you can choose which style of camera you want to use during combat. There are three types of camera: 2.5D, 3D, and 3D Free view.

In 2.5D you will have a large scale of battle view. In 3D view, players will get a classic view that is really good for 1v1 battles.

Lastly, the 3D Free view is a more flexible and customizable view from a player’s preference.

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Still Using Korean Language

Despite the great features in this game, there are some flaws that we want to highlight. One of them is that the game’s NPC and voices are still dominant in the Korean language.

Unfortunately, a majority of SEA players are not familiar with this language. Although the English text helps, further improvement by Shanda on this aspect would be really nice.

Graphic Not That Good, But Hey...

Dragon Nest M Review

Lastly, we want to highlight on the graphics. It’s not something that the developers promote on because nothing is special here. But…

Nice graphics doesn’t guarantee good games right? Dragon Nest‘s graphic can be covered by other aspects of the game which we think deserves far more credit than what it is receiving now.

Dragon Nest Mobile Will Be Available on SEA Including Indonesia!

One of Indonesia's popular MMORPGs Dragon Nest will arrive in in mobile platform for South East Asia (SEA) including Indonesia. The game will be called Dragon Nest Mobile. 

So, that is our Dragon Nest M review. If you are a fan of this game, share this article and let us know what do you think about this game on the comment section below.

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