Facebook Is Testing Playable Ads on News Feed

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

It shows that Facebook wants to be more engaged in the game industry.

Facebook is testing playable ads on their news feed. This can be a good way to promote mobile games on their platform.

It looks like Facebook is taking advantage of the video ads feature that is currently popular on their platform. Previously, they announced Facebook Instant Games Portal for developers, an HTML5 technology that allows people to find and play games directly in their news feed or messenger conversations.

Now, Facebook is testing playable ads, which according to the meaning itself, people can not only view an ad but also play it.

This feature was recently introduced by Facebook’s rival Google with Google Play Instant. Rather than being an ad, it sticks in the home of a mobile game store page in Google Play Store.

Judging by what we see big tech companies are doing, we can see that the mobile game players like to play a specific game first before installing or buying.

According to, a beta tester of Facebook’s playable ads claimed that the feature outscored game video ads. The engagement and ROI metrics rose 25%-30% over video ads.

Another beta tester from Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool, claimed that by making viewers play through ads, there were 3 times more clicks.

However, as of now, not many audiences will visualize in their news feed. Facebook confirms that it is developing and optimizing this feature. Additionally, it plans to spread to the mass audience by the end of this year.

Again and again, Facebook seems to be really pushing itself to be involved in the gaming industry.

Previously we saw Facebook Gameroom, a platform for their popular web-based games which is similar to Steam but only with Facebook games.

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Google is continuing to improve its gaming sector with a new feature called Google Play Instant. The Android feature lets players automatically try playing a game without downloading it first. How does this work? Find out in the article below. 

They also announced the gaming creator program to rival Twitch and Youtube Gaming. We obviously have not seen improvements as of yet, but clearly, the sky is the limit for Facebook.

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