Cheap is not Always Good: US$20 and US$60 Games are the Top Earning on Steam Last Year


Ever wondering how much is the game price that gained the most revenue in Steam? This insight from SteamSpy’s creator, Sergey Galyonkin, maybe can help. The interesting fact is: the cheap game does not always sell well.

Galyonkin shared his insight while in Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2018, and recently posted it on his Medium page. In his insight, Galyonkin says that the most popular game price he saw on Steam last year was US$10 (full price).

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game price on steam

But surprisingly, the game price range doesn’t contribute a lot to the Steam total revenue in a year. As Galyonkin states, US$10 games only contribute about 9.63% of total revenue in 2017. He called it as “sweet spot that a lot of indies love” because that price is usually picked up by indie developers who sold their games via Steam Direct.

game price on steam

So, what price is the top earning game in Steam last year? According to the Galyonkin, US$30 and US$60 are sold better than the other price. US$30 games contribute around 25.56% to the total revenue, while US$60 games contribute 15.95%.

One of the biggest contributors to the total revenue is absolutely the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG). Priced US$30 at full price, PUBG contribution is nearly half percent of the US$30 games’ contribution. If we exclude the PUBG sales, the US$20 games are the top earning in Steam. But the distribution pattern is still the same.

game price on steam

Cheap games do not make a lot of money

According to the data, Galyonkin said that cheap games do not make a lot of money. People are still mostly buying relatively expensive and quality titles. The cheaper a game is, the less contribution it gives to the Steam’s total revenue in a year. The developer should consider to make a better quality game so that they can sell it at a higher price and make more money from them.

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This Galyonkin’s insight should be helpful for developers who are currently developing a game for Steam. So, instead of releasing your game at a cheap price, you should probably consider adding some features to it and polish it more so you can gain more revenue.

Source: Medium