Google Play is Under Investigation by South Korean Fair Trade Commission

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Google might be in big trouble if it is found guilty.

Google Play is under investigation by South Korean Fair Trade Commission. This is due to the suspicion that the US company pressured local publishers to launch new mobile games only through Google Play.

The Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has begun their research on local mobile game companies. They want to find out whether Google purposely told them to not publish their games in other marketplaces.

The commision also wants to know whether or not Google threatens these publishers if they did not follow orders.

Data shows that in Korea, 90% of their users runs on Google Android operating system. This makes them also use Google Play as their marketplace.

According to Korea Mobile Internet Industry Report 2017 report, Google Play contributed around 60.7% of mobile app sales last year. Surprisingly, most of the revenue came from mobile games.

Google Play is Under Investigation

On the other hand, their rivals, Apple App Store only contributed 24.5%. Another store, OneStore contributed only 11.6%.

The FTC’s investigation started when publisher NCSoft and Netmarble released their newest mobile game: Lineage 2 Revolution. The game was launched in Korea last year only on the Play Store and App Store, but not on the OneStore.

This might also be the reason why Google Pay’s total number of apps is increasing year by year. In our previous article, we showed you that Google’s developers were kept busy during the year. Google Play Store grew 30% from last year to have 3.6 million apps in total.

Apps on the App Store Decline, Play Store Continues to Grow

For the first time in history, apps on the App Store decline, according to analytics company Appfigures. Does this mean that the App Store is degrading in value? Or is there something else behind the curtains?

Whereas the App Store’s total app declines by 5%. If Google is found guilty, then another reason why the Play Store is increasing is that of illegal pressure on developers and publisher.

However, it is still not clear whether or not Google did the dirty work. The FTC of course, wants the competition to be fair and square.

Source: The Korean Herald. Edited by Devi




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