When the Dream Come True: Interview with Dynasty Warriors 9’s CG Designer Gilbran Imami

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Gilbran shares his experience while getting involved in Dynasty Warriors 9 and also tips and trick on how to be a better artist.

Gilbran Imami, an Indonesian artist who gets involved in Dynasty Warriors 9 project shared his experience with Gameprime.org. He also had some tips and tricks for every artist out there who wants to get involved in an AAA game project.

Getting involved in a massive AAA game production process is surely such an honor especially when the game is our childhood favorite. It will be like a dream come true. That’s how Gilbran Imami felt when he got the opportunity to join Koei Tecmo Team to develop the latest installment of Dynasty Warriors, Dynasty Warriors 9.

Gilbran is a 27-years old Indonesian artist who got his bachelor’s degree from Bandung Institute of Technology. When he was a kid, he was one of the biggest fans of Musou games, especially Dynasty Warriors. Recently, he was involved in the development team, and helped to bring Dynasty Warriors 9 come to life.

Gameprime.org team had a chance to talk with Gilbran. In our interview, Gilbran shared his early experience as a game developer, and how he could finally realize his dream to get involved in Dynasty Warriors project. He also had something to say for every game developer out there (especially artist) who wants to get involved in AAA game project.

Can you tell us about your early career as a game developer, and how you finally landed at Koei Tecmo as a CG Designer?

Gaming has been my hobby since I was a kid. When I was in junior high school, I tried to make a game using a 3D GameMaker with my friends. Since then, I have been very interested in game development and I’m always curious about what next that we can do in this industry.

When I was in college, I met some friends who had the same passion and started to dive deeper into game development. Since then, we often participated in game development competitions. After I graduated, I worked as a freelancer to level up my skill and created portfolios as many as I can, and then I submitted it to Koei Tecmo.

What makes you want to build your career in the game industry?

In my opinion, the game industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, especially when we see the development 10-20 years back. Besides, a game is one of the creations that have a complete package. There are audio, visual arts, writing, and acting in one package.

Because of that, to become a part of this industry is an exciting and challenging experience for me. I can also know and learn so many things from so many people in this industry.

What was your first project in Koei Tecmo as a CG Designer?

From the beginning of my career in Koei Tecmo, they have trusted me to join the Dynasty Warriors 9 project. It’s maybe because they already know that I’m a big fan of the Dynasty Warriors series (laugh).

Gilbran Imami Interview Koei Tecmo

In Koei Tecmo, especially in Dynasty Warriors 9 project, what is your main role? What kind of work that you do every day in this project?

I’m sorry that I can’t share too much about this. But, basically as a CG Designer, I have the responsibility to create characters (both for promotional and in-game models) and coordinate with the Concept Designer, so that the model that I create is still in line with their plan.

Also, I collaborate with the technical team to ensure that there is no problem occur when they include my work to the in-game engine. And lastly, I coordinate with the Game Producer so that all of my work is in line with the vision and mission that he/she desired.

In your opinion, what is the most important skill that a CG Designer should have?

I think the main skill that artists should have is an ability to see which creation is good, and which one is not good. I can say that it is the “artistic sense”. How can we make a good creation if we don’t know what exactly a good creation is?

If you already know which one is good, and which one is not, your task is to find out how to make a good one. And to sharpen that “artistic sense”, you should take from many references, which can be done by reading books, watching movies, playing games, etc.

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