Is PUBG Mobile Full of Bots? So What if the Answer is Yes?

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

What if it’s true? We try to breakdown the reason.

PUBG Mobile just recently went global and many players are trying it out. But a lot of reports claimed that the game is full of bots. Is it true? Is PUBG Mobile full of bots? If so, what is the meaning?

After breaking down many social media channels and other household media, here are some insights that we have covered. The first report that stated PUBG Mobile is full of bots come from many international media such as The Verge and Kotaku.

The article stated that it felt very easy in the first few games, but felt harder after that. Reddit forums of PUBG Mobile was also discussing the same thing and the possibility of bot using by the game developers.

As players who played the game up until now, it really does tickle when you think back. These rumors have a point. When the team reviewed the game, we felt very excited because although we didn’t get the Chicken Dinner, we made lots of kills.

PUBG Mobile Full of Bots

Various media try to reach out PUBG regarding this, but so far, there is no confirmation whatsoever. But here, we try to break down the pros and cons of usage of bots in PUBG Mobile.

Firstly, we do not want to criticize PUBG Corp for creating bots (if it’s true) as we feel that it is a good way to keep new players playing rather than making them go just because they died in their very first minute or so.

PUBG Mobile Review: As Close as Its PC Version

Tencent recently released PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS. The Gameprime team tested out the game to see if it was as good as the PC version. Check out our PUBG Mobile review below to see our thoughts.

On the contrary, there are lots of players (as seen on Reddit forum and social media) that feel this is not the way they should be playing battle royale games. The fun of these types of games is definitely the fact that 100 players play on a map and try to knock each other out, whether it be in a group or solo.

As a conclusion, we believe that this can be a learning progress for developers that are creating these types of games for multiplayer. It can be an elevator pitch to keep your players from moving away.

If you have not check our review on PUBG Mobile, please do so and also tell us what you think of the game.

Source: Polygon/The Verge/Kotaku. Edited by Devi




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