Radical Heights: A New Fortnite-Like Game to Watch Out For

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Although the game is still in early access, it is a really good alternative battle royale game.

Looking for good games to play other than Fortnite or PUBGRadical Heights might be the game you are looking for.

A new battle royale game for PC approaches with the title: Radical Heights. The developer of this game is Boss Key Production. If you still remember the first person shooter game, Lawbreakers, it has the same guys behind it.

Early this April, Radical Heights was launched on Steam as an early access game. It’s basically the same game as Fortnite and PUBG but has the different atmosphere and gameplay. Here are some of the differences:

  1. There is no circle closing in the center of the map. However, there is a big grid and different squares that will automatically shuffle players inside the map. It’s a really exciting and unique feature.
  2. You can earn money in this game (well, virtual money) and spend it on gears. You can deposit your money in an ATM. What’s also cool is that when you or someone else die, your body will shatter into dollar bills.
  3. The map is also unique. It is set inside a giant TV where you can see audience cheering for you in some scenes.
  4. Mini Games! You can have fun not only by killing others who bypass you but also by playing mini-games such as racing with a bike.

Radical Heights

Although the total number of players are not as significant as in FortniteRadical Heights is a really good alternative for playing battle royale games. The game is not fully there yet as there are still glitches or unbalanced graphics. But hey, it is an early access game after all and there are loads to come.

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This is why Radical Heights is the game to look out for. You never know what can happen next with these battle royale games. Recently, Fortnite‘s servers went down so no one can play. This made Radical Heights players increased for quite some time. But will it continue to grow, only time will tell.

Source: Forbes/VG247. Edited by Devi




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