Royal Garden Tales Review: Not Your Ordinary Puzzle Game

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

It might be one of the addictive 3 color matching puzzle games we have played in a while.

Do you ever want to play a puzzle game that is not boring? Royal Garden Tales might be the game that you are looking for. For us, it definitely is. After spending days playing the game, here is our Royal Garden Tales review.

Our Royal Garden Tales review starts off with the story of the game itself. You will play as Amelia who just found out that she is an heir of a royal family. She also inherits a royal castle located on a secret island. However, the castle is still in ruins and you must restore the castle to make it as clean, colorful, and charming as ever before.

How do we do that? Simple, just finish each level’s puzzle by matching color plates. It sounds simple, but Touchten brings a lot of other features into consideration. In many 3-tile-matching games, you will find that your main goal is only to match as much as possible, proceed to the next level, and continue doing that.

But in Royale Garden Tales, you will not only have to match tiles, but also remove blocks, clearing diamonds, and other exciting challenges that make you want to do more.

If you ever play Gardenscapes, you might be familiar with this kind of gameplay.

Not only that, the story that the game offers makes us want to know more about the secret that Amelia and the castle holds.

But most importantly, the main factor of why we love this game is the modification feature. Yes, you are able to customize which items you want to put inside your royal garden. If you feel it is not suitable later in time, you can always change it. So, it has a goal to motivate you in playing the game more and more.

Fist of Rage, Touchten’s New Action Game in Collaboration with Deddy Corbuzier

Fist of Rage is 2D action platformer game with Deddy Corbuzier as its main character. The story is about a world where an evil company spreads a virus.

To be honest, we had little hopes for the game. We thought that this game was not going to make us play the days after writing the review. But it turns out that Royal Garden Tales is really something else.

It looks like Royal Garden Tales will be on our list of games that will be played every day! Curious to know the excitement of Royal Garden Tales? Download now.

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