Fight Against Cheaters, Tencent Introduces Social Credit Score System


Tencent introduces social credit score system to fight against cheaters. Although the system is only available in China, we expect this to go live globally.

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All gamers and game developers definitely want to eliminate cheaters permanently. This is why Tencent is introducing a new system to minimize unwanted cheaters.

A tweet from Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad stated that this system will credit players who play on a consistent basis and report cheaters. These players will be given points and in-game rewards. However, players who cheat will have a negative impact on their scores.

Tencent Introduces Social Credit Score

As of now, Tencent’s social credit system is only live in China. But we expect that they are planning on implementing this system globally.

This is expected because Tencent is a big gaming firm that owns a stake of big gaming hits such as FortniteLeague of Legends, as well as Clash of Clans.

We believe that Tencent’s action in developing this system is quite unique. No straight impact will be given when players report other players cheating. The developers will not tell us the update of the report.

However, through Tencent’s newest system, players will get more respect for reporting. This is a good way for developers to get in touch with their players. It also encourages players to report find and report cheaters and will benefit the both of them.

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Cheaters are one of the major aspects of why a game development become so slow. Games like PUBG who had many cheaters made their developers focus on eliminating them rather than focusing on introducing new features and upcoming updates.

It’s good to see what will happen next from Tencent regarding this new social system. Will it be the next big thing? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: PC Games Insider. Edited by Devi