5 Key Insights on Twitch and Youtube Gaming: Casual Mobile Still Popular, eSports Generated 11% Viewership

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

These insights also confirmed that Twitch is still a better platform than Youtube Gaming. But will it last long?

Twitch and Youtube Gaming has always been the biggest game streaming platforms in the West. What can we learn from so far in early 2018? We have five key insights.

Game streaming is the future of entertainment. The world has not been in the state where people tend to watch other players play. Twitch and Youtube Gaming are the two platforms that we want to highlight. Thanks to the insight from our partner, Newzoo.

Esports Content Generated 11% of Viewership on Youtube and twitch

Over the course of Q1 2018, Twitch generated a total of 2.0 billion viewing hours whereas youtube Gaming contributed 0.4 billion.

Surprisingly, 11.8% of Twitch’s hours were generated by professional esports events and leagues. Youtube Gaming had 8.2%.

Twitch is more powerful in terms of viewing hours for esports. To be precise, 32 million hours for Youtube Gaming and 228 million for Twitch. That’s 8 times more.

MOBA Is the Most Watched eSport Content on Twitch

Massive Online Battle Arena or MOBA is continuing to grow popularity. Game streaming website Twitch is one of the primary platforms for people to watch. It's also surprising that MOBA is the most watched eSport content on Twitch. 

Casual and Mobile Titles are More Popular on Youtube Gaming

Players tend to watch mobile games on Youtube Gaming. This is proven by the fact that Mobile Legends, Clash Royale, Arena of Valor, and Monster Strike are in the top 20 most watched games on the platform.

Oppositely, Twitch’s most popular views did not come from mobile games. Card games, (MMO)RPG, and fighting games prove to be more popular.

Twitch Wins War on Hours Total for Top Streaming Titles 

Out of all majority of games compared, data shows that Twitch is clearly the winners in total viewership hours.

Only Casino Games, World of Tanks, Minecraft, and Mobile Legends are better performed on Youtube (slightly).

Twitch Channels Contribute More Compare to Youtube

Youtube Gaming’s hour contribution from channels is not as high as from Twitch. Only 18% of its Q1 viewership hours come from the top 10 channels.

Twitch, on the other hand, had 42% of its viewership hours from top 100 channels. This has to do with the number of content creators (streamers/Youtubers) on Twitch compared to Youtube Gaming.

Streamers on Youtube and Twitch are Equally Popular for Top Games

Twitch and Youtube Gaming

Lastly, top streamers have equally contributed to both platforms. Top 5 streamers on Twitch averaged a total of 35,400 viewers. Youtube Gaming had 12,416.

But, if we look at the popular games, Youtube Gaming has the edge over Twitch. Say, for example, Minecraft and FIFA 18. These games are clearly popular on both platforms, but the top 3 channels on Minecraft come from Youtube Gaming. The same goes for FIFA 18. Top 7 out of 10 streamers are also from Youtube Gaming.

Twitch is Still the Biggest Streaming Platform, But Youtube Gaming is Getting There

It is the start of 2018 and gaming industry looks more promising, especially in the streaming category. A well known Streaming service, Streamlabs has released data regarding the increase of streamers in all big platforms, including Twitch, Youtube Gaming, Mixer, Facebook Live, and also Periscope.

For Q2 onwards, Twitch will still dominate the game streaming platform. This is unless Youtube can utilize more events on their channel, such as that record-breaking live stream on Fortnite.

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