Umiro, A Relaxing Puzzle with Unique Path-Drawing Mechanic

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

If you like the Monument Valley’s atmosphere, we’re quite sure that you will also love Umiro.

A new indie game studio from Singapore, Diceroll Studios, recently released a puzzle game for mobile and PC called Umiro. What is this game about?

Two years ago while I visited Casual Connect Asia 2016, there were some games that caught my attention. One of them came from some Singaporean university students from SUTD Game Lab. They called themselves Diceroll Studios. At that time, they introduced me to a new puzzle game called Recolor that used a unique path-drawing mechanic.

There is no doubt that Recolor is one of the most interesting projects that we’ve met in Indie Showcase floor. Our opinion is echoed by the judges’ decision that named Recolor as one of the best mobile games in Indie Prize awards 2017.

Two years later, Diceroll Studios finally released the game. But they changed the title to Umiro and collaborate with Devolver Digital as the publisher. Not only that, they also released Umiro in Steam alongside the mobile version that has been released on Android and iOS. So, what is Umiro?

In Umiro, you will play as Huey and Satura who find themselves lost in the colorless world with no memory of their past or how they arrived in this mysterious place. Your main task is to guide them through striking labyrinths and puzzling landscapes to recover the sacred crystals, return the Umiro’s life back and also their memory piece by piece.

Umiro review

A unique path-drawing mechanic

Like we mentioned before, this game has a unique mechanic. To guide Huey and Satura reach the crystal, you should draw their path using your finger on the screen. After you draw the path, you just press the Play button to make them move. You should choose the right time to press the Play button so that Huey and Satura can reach the crystal safely to finish a level.

Umiro review

Diceroll Studios has created more than 40 levels for this game that we think are quite challenging. Each level has its own uniqueness and challenges. The game will become more challenging when Satura joins in so that you should draw her path also.

Relaxing atmosphere and music

Umiro review

As a puzzle game, surely this game will challenge your brain a lot with all of its levels. But luckily, Diceroll Studios has created a relaxing atmosphere, so that you can enjoy every moment of the game without being too stressful. This game also has an easy-listening music and beautiful hand-drawn graphic that suits the game theme.

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If you like Monument Valley and are searching for another game that shares similar atmosphere, we strongly recommend this title. Although it’s also released on PC platform, we think this type of gameplay will give you the best experience if you play on mobile. It will be better if the developers provide a speed up button that may be helpful if we do the trial and error.

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