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Women Developers Earn Less Than Men in a Popular Gaming Studio

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Is it purely because the company structure, or is there any specific reason behind this decision?

In Rockstar North, women developers earn less than men in terms of salary. Is it really fair for the company that has developed international hit Grand Theft Auto?

In this global era, more and more woman are getting more jobs compared to the 20th century and before. The same goes for the gaming industry. Equality on the salary, however, seems to have no significant improvement.

It is reported that Rockstar North’s women developers earn 64% less than men developers. For every US$1 a man would earn, a woman would only earn US$0.36. In terms of bonuses, the report also stated that only 83.9% of women receive bonuses compared to 89% of men.

Not only that, the amount of bonuses given by the company to women is 84% lower than men. The number is very severe which is why out of all the highest paid employees, only 8% of those are women.

Women Developers Earn less Than Male

Grand Theft Auto V, one of Rockstar North’s popular games.

Studio director of Rockstar North, Andrew Semple claimed that the company’s salary policy is not due to sexism, but rather the ‘structure’ of the company. He stated that most senior staff in the company are men. That is the reason why the report tends to discriminate women.

But despite all of that, Semple added that they will continue to improve and find ways to encourage women in advancing their careers.

The dispute of men and women payment in gaming studio is nothing new. Electronic Arts have a gap of 13.7%, Sony at 12.8%, and Microsoft at 6.6%. The numbers do not indicate a severe gap such as Rockstar North, but people will still look at this as a discrimination towards women game developers.

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Not only game developers, this problem also occurs in the eSport scene. The fact that women champions earn 718% lower than men champions shows us how many women are unappreciated.

As the gaming industry is growing more and more successful, we hope to see issues like these to be minimized as fast as possible.

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