Agate Releases KotaKita, Mobile City Building Simulator with Indonesian Taste

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Build your city and learn more about Indonesian culture through this game.

One of the biggest Indonesian game studios, Agate Studio, recently released a new mobile game called KotaKita. KotaKita (or Our City in English) offers a simple city-building simulator with local Indonesian taste.

To develop this game, Agate collaborates with Ponta Indonesia, one of the loyalty multi-partner membership programs in Indonesia. Surely, we can get more benefit when we play this game if we already are the member of that program.

In KotaKita, you will act as a mayor of some Indonesia city. Starting from the smaller city, you complete the mission, so you can move and build a bigger city.

Not only build a new building, but you can also upgrade the existing ones. Every building you build or upgrade can grow your business faster. You can also accelerate your city growth by buying the other facility or upgrading some policy such as tax or parking fee.

KotaKita Agate Studio

This game has a simpler gameplay than other city building simulator like Sim City. You don’t need to be confused with the city layout nor would you build the road. Instead, you can only tap an empty space to build a new building, and tap it again if you want to upgrade.

Like we said before, this game has a lot of Indonesian taste. You can find and build some Indonesian landmark, such as Monas if you already reach Jakarta or Prambanan if you reach Yogyakarta.

KotaKita Agate Studio

Not only that, this game also has music background that represents Indonesian culture. Also, you can fulfill your city with some Indonesian means of transportation such as Bajaj, Ojek, and Mikrolet. Not forget to mention some of the Indonesian iconic buildings such as warteg (small stall where selling food) and Alfamart (Indonesian convenience store).

KotaKita Agate Studio

Agate has released the beta testing since April 2018 and it was played by more than 3,000 players. Most of the beta tester appreciate the richness of local content and also the simple gameplay.

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You can download KotaKita for free through the link below. If you have any Ponta membership, you can connect your account to get more benefit when playing this game

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