Arena of Valor Officially Becomes a Tournament in Asian Games 2018

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

This is a great start for the eSports to made its way to the Olympic games.

Arena of Valor (AoV) officially becomes a tournament in Asian Games 2018 this August. The announcement came from The Indonesian Minister and Youth Affairs representative, Tommy Kurniawan.

The announcement came during the Grand Final AoV Star League 2018 event at Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta last week. Fans of the game went bizarre when they heard this announcement.

As you might have known, eSports will be one of the sports that will be held in Asian Games 2018. However, it was only until now that we have an idea of what games that will represent.

There is no clear reason as to why Arena of Valor is the game chosen. Our prediction is that because the game is more popular in Asia compared to Mobile Legends. Garena, the publisher has yet to give a word regarding this.

Unfortunately, the participants of this tournament will not earn medals like the participants of other sports. It is only a matter of exhibition from teams all across Asia. It will also be a good chance for eSport players from Indonesia to stand out in the international scene.

In Indonesia, Arena of Valor is a game published by top Indonesian publisher, Garena. The game has been around since early 2017 when Mobile Legends was a hit. These MOBA games for mobile have been one of the most anticipated games in terms of eSport.

This is a great start for the eSports to made its way to the Olympic games. Recently, Alibaba is one of the companies that are eager to put games to the Olympic. It’s also worth noting that the games that can join the Olympic Games lineup are games that do not focus on violence.

Tencent to Host Arena of Valor World Cup 2018 With Totals of US$500,000

China's top gaming publisher Tencent will host Arena of Valor World Cup with a total prize of US$500,000. The event will be held July of this year. So, will Indonesian teams such as GGWP.ID or Elite8 be excited?

As reported by Bloomberg, Alibaba only endorses soccer, basketball, car racing, and other digitized athletic game events to be recognized in the future Olympic games. It means that it only gives supports to games like FIFA, Gran Turismo, or other digitized athletic sports to be contested.

Seeing Arena of Valor joining Asian Games can be a good step for Alibaba to include in the future Olympic games. What do you think?

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