In-App Purchases is Now Available for Facebook Instant Games

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Developers can earn more through this in-app purchase option.

After opening Facebook Instant Games Portal in March for developers, Facebook has now enabled in-game purchases. This will help developers with their business on this platform.

Developers who try to publish their games in Facebook’s Instant Games Portal can rest assured now. Players are now able to buy in-game items through the platform. However, there are some conditions to this.

The in-app feature is available starting from May 7 for Android and the Facebook website itself.

Facebook will see a 30% revenue if any in-app purchase occurred on their website. However, on Android, Google will wrap 30% of the total transaction and Facebook will get 30% of what’s left.

This means that developers will effectively get a 49% share of IAP revenue through Instant Games on Google Play. Additionally, Facebook will continue to evaluate the revenue model they have.

Facebook Instant Games

As for iOS, Facebook has not yet enabled in-app purchases for Apple’s operating system. It claims to still exploring monetization options for that platform.

For the record, Facebook Instant Games Portal is a new way for the Facebook audience to play games. It is powered by HTML5 technology and allows people to find and play games directly in their News Feed or messenger conversations.

This means that users do not have to download and install any apps to play the games. They also do not need Flash or any third party plugins to run them. Users can access these games through a controller icon on both the News Feed and the Messenger. What’s more interesting is that it is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.

Facebook Instant Games Portal is Now Officially Available for Developers

Facebook Instant Games Portal has officially ended its closed beta period. It is now available for all developers to gain an audience through this feature. Will it be something worth trying for developers? We try to explain.

Developers who want to access documents on in-app purchases ahead of launch on Facebook Instant Games can be found here.

For more info and update on Facebook Instant Games, stay tuned at What do you think? Will this new feature can make developers to create more games for Facebook Instant Games?

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