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Despite Many Female Gamers, It’s Hard Being a Female Game Developer in South Korea

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

It’s hard being a female developer in South Korea. A recent report shows us that people are targeting female game developers on Twitter. 

It’s hard being a female game developer in South Korea. A recent report shows us that people are targeting female game developers on Twitter.

South Korea is a country with many gamers, males or females equally. However, the system there is quite sexist.

People on social media are encouraging companies to fire women game developers in order to push the “anti-social ideology” in South Korea. This has started since early 2016.

The investigation of this issue was started by CEO of Seoul-based IMC Games, Kim Hak-kyu. He went to a female game developer who claims to be harassed on Twitter.

The female game developer by the name Sung Hye-jin who followed feminist groups on Twitter retweeted a post which had a slang term for sexist men.

Female game Developer in South Korea

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In the tweet, she was called “cancer-like creature” who “followed a dirty ideology”. What’s interesting is that Sung eventually apologized and Kim the CEO eventually said that Sung’s action was not a crime, rather “just a mistake”.

Eventually, this case came to the ears of The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions. The organization stated that Kim’s action has made many women in shock and fear and should not happen in the future. They also accused Kim of his action against women employees.

Looking back at the history, South Korea is well known for its patriarchy, male-oriented culture, and female harassment.

South Korea is the sixth-biggest video game market in the world. It has over 25 million players (half the country’s population). It also has many TV channels dedicated to broadcasting eSports competitions.

Data Says Female Mobile Gamers Worth More than Male Ones

Based on the data from deltaDNA, female mobile gamers are worth significantly more than their male counterparts. Is this true in local market?

Sixty-five percent of South Korean women aged 10 to 65 play video games, according to state data, compared to 75 percent of men. According to Newzoo, 42% of women are gamers in the country.

Despite the numbers, female game developers are only less than a quarter than male in terms of population.

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