Fortnite is the Largest Free-to-Play Console Game in Terms of Revenue

Fortnite is the Largest Free-to-Play Console Game

This game is certainly a phenomenon. Fortnite is the largest free-to-play console game in terms of revenue. It also officially surpasses PUBG.

Fortnite has certainly caught the attention of many people around the world. It’s popularity certainly has made the company wealthy. This is also due to the fact that worldwide digital spending grew 2%.

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Data provided by Superdata claims that consumers spent US$8.9 billion globally across all platforms in March 2018. Last year, the consumer spending was US$8.7 billion. This means there is an increase of US$0.2 which is not just massive, but also indicates that people are spending digitally more each year.

Fortnite is shown to have generated US$223 million across all platforms (console, PC, Mobile) in March, up to a whopping 73% from February. One of the reasons this happened is because of the new season Battle Pass featuring Drake and the new John Wick skin.

The report also claims that Fortnite has officially surpassed Playerunkwon’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in becoming the king of “battle royale games”.

The revenue and the number of monthly users generated by Fortnite are more than those generated by Bluehole’s PUBGFortnite‘s mobile game also became #1 spot by revenue on iOS in the United States in its launch month and has the highest conversion rate of any free-to-play PC game in March.

The reasons this happened according to Jackson and Patricia Hernandez via a Kotaku interview are as follows:

  1. Fortnite is much creative and more fun to play than PUBG which is considered a bit too tense.
  2. The updates that the developers of the game made were basically unpredictable each update. This makes players even more curious about what’s to come.
  3. It’s free.

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Based on the summary above, we can see why Fortnite is the largest free-to-play console game. We also predict that Fortnite will continue to be on top of PUBG unless… Bluehole can create an interesting eSports system.

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