Hollywhoot Review: Be the Greatest Movie Director in the World!

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

It’s not too hard to be the greatest movie director in the world. When playing Hollywhoot, anything can happen.

It’s not too hard to be the greatest movie director in the world. When playing Hollywhoot, anything can happen. Here is our Hollywhoot review after spending time playing the game.

Hollywhoot is an idle clicker/simulation game based around parodies of Hollywood actors, actress, and movies. You play as a movie director from the very early stage of your career to become the best movie director there is.

The first thing that came to our mind when we played the first few hours was that this was not ordinary clicker game. We saw a lot of clicker games focused on the phrase “the faster you click, the more you success”.

Well, in Hollywhoot, you get the same idea, but you are not encouraged to click. In fact, if you do not click, there will be no problem. The only benefit of clicking is that you get to produce your film faster.

So, how does the game work? You start off by owning this small house where you create a film. You get to chose which characters you want. Of course, with similar names from Hollywood such as Natasha Stronganoff or James Bean.

You will choose actors and actresses to play in your film. You can train these actors and actresses to fit certain types of film such as action or thriller. Then, when the movie is all set and done, you will get a score, much like Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB type of scoring.

Of course, in the first 20-30 movies, you will not get as high as 50% score. This is because you only have limited unexperienced actors and actresses. However, when you succeeded in building your talent of actors and actress, you can gain a large amount of money.

Aside from making movies, you can also create your very own TV series, trade your achievement for fame, and discover secret talents.

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Hollywhoot is a simple and fun game to play. The developer behind the game is Joyseed Gametribe team. It is a Jakarta-based game developer which passion is to share and discover high quality and value driven games to everyone.

At the time of writing, the soft launch version is already available in 9 countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Netherland, Poland, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom. The full version will be available soon for the other regions.

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