How to Run a Successful Writer’s Room According to Life is Strange Lead Writer

How to Run a Successful Writer's Room

Zak Garriss, narrative director at Deck Nine and lead writer on Life Is Strange: Before the Storm shares his story on how to run a successful writer’s room.

Being a writer for a game, whether it be on PC, console or mobile can be very challenging. But Zak Gariss shared on how to make a successful writer’s team based on his experience in writing Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, the prequel to BAFTA-award winning Life Is Strange.

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One of the most important things according to Garriss is to have a team that consists of different mindsets and background. This is vital because another member of your team can cover up another team’s blind spot.

The very first step when your team is ready is to gather them in a room without any pen, paper, laptop, PC, or any other writing materials. But just sit and talk about how they are going to make a story for their game, also known as ‘The Break’.

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This process can be repeated several times to make a more conducive atmosphere than just make your writers write. Although writing is writers’ main priority, sharing thoughts and brainstorming are another important aspect.

Garriss added that it is also important to hire writers who have self-evident kindness and humility. A writer who hears criticism and takes it for themselves – also known as the sensitive writer – is the best candidates for a conducive writing room.

In a game like Life is Strange, where sensitive social issues try to speak, it is very important to remind other writers what they did wrong and what they should do for heir next step.

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As a conclusion, creating a great and conducive writer’s room is a key to success when developing a story. The decision makings and the processes involved cannot be underestimated.

Source: Gamasutra. Edited by Devi