Indonesian Game Journalists Form Association to Create Better Ecosystem for Gaming Industry

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

The Indonesia Gaming News Media Association (or Asosiasi Media Game Indonesia, AMGI) consist of several media that have a goal to contribute more to the gaming industry.

To create a better ecosystem for the gaming industry, some Indonesian gaming journalists formed an association called Asosiasi Media Game Indonesia (AMGI, or Indonesian Gaming News Media Association).

The media surely has an important role in the gaming industry. They help to spread some news about the industry, how the ecosystem is, and what game is released in the region. Recently, some Indonesian games related news reporting media formed an association called Asosiasi Media Game Indonesia (AMGI).

The declaration of the formation was conducted on Monday, the 21st of May 2018 at Ibis Slipi Hotel, Jakarta. The declaration prepared by an organizing committee consisted of three Indonesian games press: IDEA Network (,,, and,, and

Vision and Mission

indonesia game media association

The association aims to realize the freedom of the press who are professional and responsible. To reach that vision, the association have some mission such as:

  • As an organization for all of game press and media in Indonesia.
  • Give a protection for media who covers Indonesia’s game industry.
  • Develop and direct Indonesia’s game media to continuously support the development of the national and international game and creative industry.
  • Give an education and knowledge to the people about the game press and media’s role in Indonesia’s game industry.
  • As a medium for the people in conveying aspiration related to Indonesia’s game industry.
  • Improve the game press and media’s quality and professionalism in Indonesia’s game Industry.

Who can join the association?

indonesia game media association

There are some requirements for Indonesian press or media to join this association. The most important thing is the media outlet should cover game only, or includes games in its top category, that has articles, videos, or images as contents.

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And also, the media should be established in Indonesia and has a nation-wide coverage. And last but not least, the media should be registered as a legal company and has been established for more than 90 days before the submission.

AMGI Registration:

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