Latest Smartphone Owners Spent the Most on Games

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Developers, it’s your time to shine!

A recent report claims that latest generation of smartphone owners are the ones who spent the most on games.

According to a report from DeltaDNA, newer version of smartphones, especially from Apple, Samsung, and Google, are achieving game monetization KPIs that are up to 270% above the industry average.

These smartphones include iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8+, and Pixel 2/2XL, alongside other newer models.

Usually, around 2-3% of free to play mobile games make an In-App Purchase with an average Lifetime Value of US$1.5.

But, as smartphone nowadays become faster and powerful, the KPIs have begun increasing significantly. Thus leading to a more fun and engaging gaming experience.

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DeltaDNA compared 1.7 million iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones. It tried to see the percentage of players willing to spend In-App Purchases each day.

Here are the results:

Spent the Most on Games

*Worth noting, the data are for North American smartphone users only.

Most notably, Google Pixel 2 XL has the highest percentage of paying users at 11.11% with a US$3.46 average lifetime value (LTV).

But in terms of LTV, iPhone 8 is the winner. It has a US$3.97 LTV with a 6.72% daily conversion.

Quite the opposite, the older version of smartphones such as the iPhone 7 achieved a 5.63% daily conversion and an LTV of US$1.27, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 achieved 8.33% daily conversion and a US$1.70 LTV.

Regarding this research, DeltaDNA CEO, Mark Robinson commented:

“Making money in mobile F2P games has always been a challenging business. However, this latest study should make encouraging reading for game publishers and developers as it reinforces the trend that better performing smartphone models deliver more positive game monetization KPIs.”

What Mark said was undoubtedly true. It sends a message to developers and publishers to not worry and to go all out on their games. This is because people will spend their money, especially those wielding high-end gadgets like the Google Pixel 2 XL or iPhone X.

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