The Future is (Almost) Here: Snapchat Introduces New AR Games

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Will this be a stimulus for another social platform such as Instagram?

Snapchat introduces new AR games for their platform. This shows that AR games on social media are growing rapidly. Will other platforms follow?

Snap Inc., the company behind the social messaging app, Snapchat, has officially announced the release of Snappables. With Snappables, users of Snapchat can play augmented reality games with friends and families.

It has a lot of small games that can be played using touch, motion, or, in some cases, facial expressions.

Similar to Facebook Instant Games, Snappables is more than just a game as it has social elements in it.

Some of the games have high score feature and can also let players challenge others. This makes the users of Snapchat to not only play the game but also have a competitive feeling.

In the video above, we can see that currently there are 5 games to tease us. All of the games shown are related to moving some part of your body like your head or face. The one that we like the most is the opening mouth bubble gum game.

But realistically, if you play these games inside a train, people will think you’re weird. That will be a topic for another article. In the video, Snapchat also wants to tell us that people will be used to AR games.

We stated in a previous article that 2018 will be the year for AR. The fact that Snapchat released Snappable can be a stimulus to other companies to also create an even more creative AR games.

What is The Future of AR Gaming on Mobile Like?

CEO of Niantic, John Henke discusses the future of AR gaming on mobile. He predicts that the future will revolve around a so-called "AR Cloud". 

Lastly, Snapchat offers a free creation tool called Lens Studio. This tool can let anyone create custom AR lenses such as face masks or stationary objects. However, there are no words if developers can also create an AR game.

Nevertheless, we can see that AR is heading the right direction and will be mainstream in 2018.

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