Confirmed, Steam Spy Still Lives On!

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

No worries, your favorite data mining site for PC Games is still alive, however…..

After Valve officially announced its updated privacy policy, many thought Steam Spy will go down. Including the developers themselves. However, it is confirmed that Steam Spy still lives on.

Steam Spy is a service that uses public data from Steam’s profile. It generates the statistic of game sales, hours played, and other forms of data it can get. It would be very heartbreaking if we see this PC gaming market-intelligence say goodbye.

Thankfully, Steam Spy still lives on. It was confirmed by the creator, Sergey Galyonkin, on Steam Spy’s official blog post. However, it will not be the same as before.

Steam Spy will now use a new algorithm that calculates the sales of PC games on the Steam distribution platform based on “coincidental data” from around the internet.

Galyonkin confirmed that the site will be running but it needs some time. Galyonkin and his team are currently working on dialing the algorithm and integrate it into the site.

He also stated this after knowing many developers reached out to him:

“I received over two hundred emails and messages from developers telling me how Steam Spy improved their lives. There was an indie company from Berlin that managed to secure financing from the government for their niche title because they had the data to prove that this niche is big enough. The title got released and succeeded.”

With all the good news above, here comes the bad one: unfortunately, the gaming market is so large and dynamic that algorithmic models are often inaccurate.

In terms of how accurate the new algorithm can hit, Galyonkin stated that it is not quite accurate. Steam Spy has data of 70 games from different developers. For 90% of those, the algorithm was able to calculate their sales within a 10% margin of error.

No More Steam Spy After the Latest Steam Update

On April 11th, Steam updated its privacy options and giving more control over the privacy of one's Steam account. This generally means that there will be no more Steam Spy for generating numbers. 

In conclusion, developers should still keep their smiles up. Although there might be some miscalculating in the algorithm, at least we can still count on Steam Spy in trying to make the best of what they can.

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