Tencent Plans to Invest More in PUBG Creator Bluehole

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

From the beginning of the investment last year, Tencent had already done some action to help PUBG gain more users in China.

Tencent continues its support to PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) creator Bluehole. Now, some source is reporting that the Chinese tech and entertainment giant plans to invest more in this Korea-based company.

This news first came from local media The Korea Herald, which had confirmation from an insider of Bluehole. It said that Tencent was considering to put more investment in Bluehole to help PUBG gain more success, especially in China.

tencent invest more in bluehole

The Korea Herald reported that the second stage of investment could be around US$468 million. Combined with Tencent’s prior 5% investment in Bluehole, Tencent would have around US$651 million invested. That is around 10% stake because last year Bluehole already valued at US$4.6 billion.

However, this is only an investment, not an acquisition by Tencent. With this investment, Bluehole will get many benefits from Tencent especially to gain more users in China.

What will Tencent do with this investment?

tencent invest more in bluehole

As the biggest tech and entertainment company in China, surely Tencent knows a lot about the Chinese market. So, it’s not an overstatement when Bluehole’s Co-founder Chang Byung-gyu said that Tencent was a very important partner for them.

From the beginning of the investment last year, Tencent had already done some action to help PUBG gain more users in China. First, Tencent had secured the publishing rights for PUBG in China. It means that they helped Bluehole to gain more users in China through localization and marketing.

Second, earlier this year when cheater problem sparked, Tencent teamed up with China’s local police to track down people who made the cheats and hacked the program. In result, several people had been arrested and the cheaters’ number decreased significantly.

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How about the future? We had seen that Tencent also invested US$15 million in Fortnite, especially for the eSports scene in China. We can expect that Tencent will do the same for PUBG. Remember that, roughly 50% of PUBG players are from China. So, it will be a great deal if Tencent also develops some PUBG eSports scene there.

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