Ega Rahmaditya from Indonesia Wins PlayStation League Asia 2018

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

What’s special with Ega’s win is that he is the youngest out of all the competitors. 

Watch out world, Indonesian players are coming. This time, it was FIFA 18 athlete from Indonesia, Ega Rahmaditya. Ega won the first place in PlayStation League Asia held in Malaysia.

Ega, mostly known for his nickname in FIFA 18Eggsy_UG, beat his other competitors from Asia. These players come from various countries which include: Hong Kong (Nova.Ronnie, WayneLui, Shing, and Marspy). There are also Singapore (Shabs), Malaysia (GB.Fenrir) and South Korea (onlyrei2198).

PlayStation League Asia 2018 itself is an official competitive eSport tournament from EA Sports and PlayStation. This tournament features the best players from Asia. They all compete to claim a spot for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018.

With Ega’s win in the PlayStation League Asia 2018, he has the right to claim US$3,000. But in terms of playing in the big league, this is just the next step.

He has a chance to play in the FIFA 18 Global Series Playoff and compete with other qualified players. The playoff itself will be held August 2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

FIFA 18 Athlete From Indonesia

There is also an interesting fun fact in Ega’s win. He is the youngest out of all the competitors.

His win also added the list of successful eSport players in Indonesia in football games. Previously, there were two Surabaya athletes who won runner-up and third place. Those two are Batara Riasta and Lucky Ma’arif who won the WESG 2018 in China last March.

Aside from football, in the same competition, a South East Asian team also contributed trophies. It was Malaysian team, Rampage Gaming who won Call of Duty: WWII Asian Championship 2018.

Best FIFA 18 Players Will Compete in The Official eSport League: eMLS

Major League Soccer (MLS) is not the biggest league in terms of viewers. But they sure bring excitement to the table, especially for gamers. On January 12, 2018, MLS introduced eMLS, a new competitive eSport FIFA 18 league.

We hope, in the future, Indonesian and other South East Asian teams can also contribute in making the region proud. Congrats once again to Ega!




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